Organic Wedding for a Vegetarian Couple

Are you one of the rare couples who do not eat meat? If so, you know exactly what kind of wedding to have, an organic and fully vegan wedding!

A wedding with earth or eco friendly materials and healthy foods is something not usual, but not a bad idea at all, too. In fact, your resources are unlimited when it comes to materials that are environmentally friends. You can get a lot of recyclable materials that you can use for decorations. Believe it or not, those materials may be found inside your own home. Here are some recycled and eco-friendly decorations you can use and display on your wedding day.

1. Newspapers

Paint them to become colorful and more presentable. You can cut them into pieces that you can use as buntings hanging on the entrance of the reception, the edges of each table and the ceiling.

2. Jars, Bottles, Cans

Transparent bottles, jars and cans are also ideal to use for a wedding. They can be vases of flowers on the reception tables, storage of candies, or the packaging of party favors.

3. Plants

Plants are not recyclable materials, but they are considered as organic and eco friendly stuff. This gives us the idea of using more plants in a wedding room. Floral and presentable plants are a great choice of décors to display for such a wonderful occasion.

If we talk about organic foods, it means there are no chemical ingredients or stuff used. They are also strictly natural, that’s why most vegetarians do not eat meat or fish at all. If you are both vegans, the foods you serve on your special day must be exclusively meatless.

Considering the fact that not all guests are like you, the vegan foods to serve must be scrumptious enough. They can survive eating fully-loaded vegans, but make sure they will appreciate and love each recipe prepared for them.

There are a lot of variety of foods that do not contain preservatives and other artificial substances. You can bake pastries and cakes that are made of completely organic ingredients. You can also give your guests some finger foods that are natural, such as chocolates, almonds and other nuts, and fruits sliced and served into sticks.

For beverages, you surely want to serve something that is similar to the traditional wine. Since you are vegetarians, it is just a wise decision to have fresh fruit wine, without alcohol content.

Gifts, party favors and souvenirs must be also earth friendly. You can give something that is customized from used or recycled materials. On a wedding occasion, the usual type of gift to hand out to each and every guest is good treats, like those baked ones. You can still opt for vegan desserts, like pumpkin cookies, carrot cupcake and banana cake pops. Just package them with recyclable wrappers. As much as possible, avoid using plastic type of wrappers for packaging.

One other essential thing to add for an organic wedding is the fragrance. You can set up organic scented candles as part of the lightings of the reception. This is a fantastic addition that makes the occasion more special and unique. Besides, it is not harmful to the environment and to the health.

The ideas given above are a good way to add to your wedding plans. It is not a common choice to have an organic wedding. But it is not a difficult one to prepare and think about anyway. Just ensure you make your wedding a blast and your guests to love the idea.


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