Other Than Bouquets, What Else to Toss to Single Women

There’s no really such thing as bouquet alternative to toss. It is not a children’s party that you have to throw some candies or bars of chocolates. It would be also expensive if you giveaway a nice jewelry. There are no other symbolic objects that a bride can toss as part of the wedding reception. What you do is to change this traditional toss. Here are some suggestions on how you can pass your bouquet to single women, and maybe the married ones.

A Bouquet Replica

A Bouquet ReplicaImage Source:rbarenblat

Normally, brides toss their own bouquet that they have been holding all throughout the time they march down the aisle until the first public kiss. Somehow, there are women nowadays who want to keep their own flowers. Others even frame them for display. Anyhow, a great idea is to use a smaller bouquet of the same arrangement and flowers. Any lady who gets it can keep and cherish it.

A Gift Card Bouquet

A Gift Card BouquetImage Source:bergius

A more interesting idea is to add a “prize” on the bouquet. Whether you throw your own bouquet or a replica, place a card on it that the lucky girl can use for free spa, hair treatment or a shopping spree. Gift cards can be also in a form of discounts, which are much cheaper to get. It would be a great and fun surprise to the woman who catches it.

A Purse

Hand PurseImage Source:N00

One thing that most women like is a hand purse. You can opt to toss a beautiful, shiny gold, silver or white purse rather than your bouquet. Or perhaps, make them gathered together thinking that they will catch your bridal bouquet, but little do they know you are giving something more special and useful.

A Musical Bouquet

Musical BouquetImage Source:N03

Gather all single women and form a circle. You let them pass the bouquet from one to another while a song is being played on the background. Once it stops, whoever is holding the bouquet gets a special treat. This is another enjoyable way to add fun at the reception.

A Dance and a Bouquet

It is also fun to have the single women dance on the floor. You and your groom can select who has the best, funny or creative dance move. For sure, there are some ladies from your guest list who would go for it. While they have fun doing it, the audience would be as thrilled as them.

A Bouquet Giveaway

Well, why just skip the bouquet toss and give it to a couple who have been married for the longest time? It can give you a great inspiration to do the same. You can also let them say a few words of advice that help you make a successful marriage and lifelong happiness.

Mothers’ Bouquets

Mother BouquetImage Source:sharynmorrow

It would be also a good option to hand your mother and your groom’s mother a bouquet each. It can be one way to showcase your appreciation and love. This is a very beautiful idea to present as your personal token of appreciation to both of them. And for sure, they’d love this kind of surprise and special attention.

Opting for something out of the norm is not a bad idea. You can still toss but maybe a little more interesting and unique like the ones suggested above. This is a modern generation anyway that allows you to do anything. After all, it is your own wedding and you definitely have the right and freedom to choose. Just think of a better idea that your single girl friends and other women would enjoy during your celebration.


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