Most Recommended Tropical Wedding Destinations on Earth

Summer is an ideal and wonderful season for weddings. It is fun to have the ceremony under the sun. This is a great opportunity to host a seaside or beach wedding, as well as garden wedding. In fact, these are the two ideal wedding themes for summer. Regardless of the theme, if it is meant for summer, that means the destination must be also exotic and tropical. That said, here are five of the most recommended and beautiful destinations for summer or tropical wedding.

1. Aruba

ArubaImage Source:drurydrama

This is one of the romantic places not only in the Caribbean, but also in the whole world. It is well known for its warm weather and cold, beautiful beaches. Aruba is geographically an arid land and it has long summer months. That makes it a great destination for summer wedding. Many hotels and resorts are available that can provide private, breathtaking places for romantic and memorable wedding.

2. St. MartinSt. MartinImage Source:wdwbarber

Sometimes spelled as St.Maarten, this island is a combination of half-French and half-Dutchpopulation. They are really different as the Dutch side is cosmopolitan where it is much livelier and more entertaining, while the other side is opposite, offering more natural beautiful views. For wedding events, there are excellent places that can cater food, accommodation, and space for ceremony and reception. Whether in a private bay or a public sea shore, there is a place for you to book for an unforgettable wedding.

3. Cancun

CancunImage Source:archer10

Formerly known as Riviera Maya, this beach destination is located in Mexico. This Mexican region provides carangid fishes, crystal clear waters, and beautiful sunset view. These are perfect elements for a beach wedding. it also offers rainforests and romantic spots that can set a breathtaking background for your wedding photo shoots.

4. Bahamas

BahamasImage Source:davidkosmos

Another island in the Caribbean is the Bahamas. It is one of the best places for tropical weddings in the world. There are many kinds of stunning spots for wedding from the Grand Bahama to the Nassau, and even Freeport. Atlantis Resort is a popular choice for special gatherings as it can accommodate a large group of people, and of course, it has wedding package services that can make couples and their guests satisfied.

5. Jamaica

JamaicaImage Source:N04

This place is another good choice for wedding. The entire place offers a romantic atmosphere, which can make the special occasion more memorable. Like other Caribbean islands, there are several hotels to choose from that can cater all your wedding needs from the ceremony to the reception part.

The world offers great places that can give memorable wedding experiences that you and your guests won’t forget and cherish. If you and your partner are planning to tie the knot in the summer and somewhere exotic, these are great choices of wedding destinations that you must consider. You won’t regret any minute and dime you spend if you actually decide to get married in one of these beautiful places on Earth.


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