Wedding Food Ideas on a Budget – Low Cost Foods

Getting wedding food ideas on a budget is a great plan as it can benefit you a lot in the end. It’s one way to cut down the expenses of the occasion which can provide a big sigh of relief. If you want to spend a few bucks for the foods and beverages, what you need to do is to learn ways on how to have wedding reception food on a budget. Here is a list of tips that you are longing to learn and follow.Overview: The Real Deal

A wedding is an event that really triggers you to spend a lot of money. There are just so many things to do, set up, buy and hire. Anything you do to make this special occasion works has to do with money. The food part is one of the aspects where you certainly have to shell out most of your financial resources. Even if you have an allocated budget for it, the number of guests or attendees can give you an estimate of how much to spend. That is the reality but the only thing you can do is to reduce the expense for this. It is possible to have a list of wedding food on a budget and that’s exactly what you are trying to do right now.

Dining Style: Sit-In, Buffet or Pot LuckImage Source : Adamophoto

There are three styles of how you can have foods on the tables. They all can somehow help you decrease your expenses; hence, good wedding food ideas on a budget.

1. Sit-In Style

A very famous kind of how food on tables is set is the sit-in dining style. This is where people just have to sit down and eat whatever is presented on their tables, or plates for some occasion. It is also the table set-up in which you decide what foods and amount of serving are prepared. This gives you a more reasonable plan to cut down your cost. It is definitely one of the best wedding food ideas on a budget. You can just pick a complete set of meal from appetizer to entrée then a dessert. For the entrée, you can have two to three different kinds of viands. The bottom line here is that you are able to restrict the amount of serving per plate so it’s a very possible way to limit your food expenses.

2. Buffet Style

This next style of serving food is quite flexible than sit-in style because people can have the freedom to take more than two viands. They can also ask for more serving on their plates. There is a possibility for a wedding food on a budget but the downside is that not all people are very happy to go in line to get food. It is only a good kind of dining if you have a few attendees at your own wedding. It takes a long time to see everyone happy chowing down the food you have for them if you choose this style for a hundred guests. This still can be among the wedding food ideas on a budget you can follow but only if you a handful of guests to serve.

3. Pot Luck Style

Another great idea to have an economical food is to go for pot luck. This is only applicable to a private invitation wedding. It means the number of guest is strictly restricted. It may be a party for the immediate family and a few closest friends only. It could not possibly reach more than 50 people. If you have that kind of wedding, then this is the best among the wedding food ideas on a budget to choose. Assign or ask someone who can bring this and that then prepare your own so the complete set of meals would be provided. There is absolutely nothing wrong when you take this as a way to have your own wedding reception food on a budget.

Countable Guests

A very practical way to limit food expenses is to strictly invite people who deserve to witness your wedding. You do not have to invite anyone as this can cause you to really spend more than what you can afford. Do not try to open the party and celebration for all. This means also that you do not have to invite all the families of each of your friend. You can only invite them without having their children come along unless they have special participation at the ceremony. This is also one important thing to consider if you are looking for ways on having wedding food ideas on a budget. You can easily figure out how many people to serve and through the estimate that’s how you can determine the amount of food to offer.

An Optional: Affordable Food CatererImage Source : sksplit

If in case you decide on having a caterer, it is important that you select a good business. It must be something that is reputable with low cost foods and budget friendly charges on the services. The services too must be satisfying in catering all the foods and beverages for you and your guests. This is another aspect of how to have a good wedding reception food on a budget. You have to consider this once you prefer having a buffet or sit-in style wherein you are catered with your chosen foods. What you only have to do is to make an extra time searching for the right food catering service that can give you those benefits that you prefer.

The Goal

All these wedding food ideas on a budget are useless if your allocated budget has exceeded. When you have an objective to save money or spend less for the foods and beverages, it is how you can determine if you are successful with the process of finding a cheap way on having foods. Furthermore, you must stick to your mind that you have to stay within the budget. Do not attempt to go beyond it because that is not how you suppose to do. Remember the goal here which is to have wedding food on a budget. Everything you spend from the food to the catering or set up of tables has to be summed up with a total amount of the budget you create. The amount does not have to exceed but rather stay within that reach or less. The more you can say you have achieved your goal if you are able to save at least 5%.

These wedding food ideas on a budget are good ones to follow. You can have a great wedding reception without worrying too much. Just celebrate and be merry with your loved ones through the foods prepared on the table. That should be the picture of you and your partner during your most special day particularly at the moment where you have to cut and have a slice of the cake. Once everyone is full and satisfied, then you can say the least that the ideas you learn from here are very helpful.


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