Beach Wedding Table Decorations – Ways to Embellish Tables

Are you searching for new ideas regarding beach wedding table decorations? Do you want to learn how to embellish your tables at the wedding reception taken at the beach? How you can set up tables and decorations that match the theme of the occasion? These are questions that you have now most probably. You are fortunate because this article has information and ideas to provide to you about the use of beach wedding decorations and table centerpieces. Take a few minutes to read them and make up your mind afterwards. You will learn a variety of things that are displayed on tables for weddings at the beach.Tables and Chairs

A wedding at a beach is usually more casual and less formal. So, the party during the reception must be a little flexible, fun and colorful. With that said, the tables to use do not have to be too long. It is much better to have round or square tables. This also helps you figure out the most suitable beach wedding table decorations to use. On the other hand, chairs do not necessarily need to be covered with the standard chair covers. You may still opt for covered chairs with some bows tied on it. However, there are other choices aside from that. Have some picket chairs instead that are painted in green and blue or plain white if you like to. If it is pure white, make sure to add adornment like a ribbon and a shell attached on the side. Balloons are also great option to add on the chairs.


No matter the destination of the wedding is, there are still flowers everywhere. They can still be considered as beach wedding table decorations. Each table must be presented with a beautiful vase, basket or vine of flowers. It is also a great addition if there are petals scattered on the tables along with some beach jewels like shells. The most recommended flowers for beach wedding decorations and table centerpieces are bird of paradise, orchids, plumerias, calla lilies, tulips, peonies and even roses. You can have traditional romantic flowers for beach parties or tropical flowers. Combining some of them is not a bad idea too. You just have to arrange them to have a beautiful outcome on the tables.

Table Centerpieces and Decorations

Flowers are obviously the main table centerpiece but they are not the only ones that you can add. There are beach wedding table decorations you may use too. However, there can be differences of decorations for tables at a beach themed wedding. Basically, you can choose from traditional beach wedding theme or tropical theme wedding. Choosing from one of those themes can help you figure out the right and most suitable beach wedding decorations to use, display and set up.

1. Traditional Beach Themed Wedding

The tables for a traditional beach theme must be covered with table linens that are pastel or neutral in color. They must make a good blend of the color from the inner to the outer cloth. Then, add decorations and embellishments that also match the motif or color scheme of the table covers. You can fill in aquarium vases with sand, shells and starfish with a white candle at the center. You may opt for hurricane cases too surrounded by wreaths with flowers and some sea shells or starfish added. For the name tags and cards, put them in a big shell or rather have names painted on regular sized shells. That’s an example of how traditional beach wedding table decorations would look like.

2. Tropical Themed WeddingImage Source : Simon

Creativity is pretty much needed when you want to have a tropical themed wedding at the beach. The tables can be covered with white linen than added by any neutral runner which has to be related to the motif chosen. The table centerpieces must still be obviously flowers but to make them look tropical, have bird of paradise and orchids or calla lilies and peonies in a vase or basket with some cut out of banana leaves. The candles can be put inside or top of tikis. The beach wedding table decorations for this theme are mostly island and exotic in nature.

Wedding Cake

Cakes are beach wedding decorations for tables too. However, there must be only one table to use as there will be only a single set of wedding cake or cupcakes to have. Regardless, it is still considered as a table centerpiece and a decoration at the same time. So, when you choose a wedding cake, be sure that the theme remains the same. It must still be related to the beach, tropical island and summer season. The most popular designs of wedding cakes for beach wedding table decorations are fondant cake with seashells and starfish surrounding each layer or some layers then with flowers all over the top. Another sample of a common beach wedding cake is the one designed with picket chairs and some flowers for adornment.

Wedding Favors and Souvenirs

Favors and treats are also found on tables. They can be served as additional beach wedding table decorations. Since the theme is about the beach, you must choose favors that are related to it. This does not mean that you have to give your wedding guests fish in an aquarium or a massive seashell. It must still be those sweet foods like cupcakes, cookies and candies but they can be shaped or designed in starfish, fish and shells. Of course, do not forget to add souvenirs they can take home too. Again, they must be beach related stuffs so they can complement the tables.

Name Tags and Thank You Cards

Last but not the least, have the tables set up with the name tags of the wedding attendees along with your personal thank you cards. It is part of the wedding etiquette to have these as well. They can be considered as beach wedding table decorations but more on making things in order for the guests so they know where to sit. The cards and tags should be also presentable which can complement that color scheme based on the wedding theme.Image Source : daspader

Remember that the tables are not the only ones that can be filled with stuffs that explain the theme of the occasion. There are other beach wedding decorations to consider which is another aspect of the wedding. The main focus of this article is solely on the table and the centerpieces. You have learned some great ideas of how table settings are created for beach wedding parties. It is up to you on how to pull this off because it is something personal. You choose according to what interests you the most. Just stick with the theme and from there you can easily pick out beach wedding table decorations that you want. One last thing you must do is to get a collection of photos of table decorations and centerpieces for a beach themed wedding. You will learn more and have additional ideas that can help you out with the preparation and decoration of your reception party.


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