Treating Parents before the Wedding Day

Couples who are engaged and getting married have nobody to owe their lives to rather than their own parents. Right before the big day, the bride and the groom must prepare something special just for their parents. It is a way to show appreciation, love and tribute to them. The question now is what are the best options to surprise your parents before you unite as husband and wife? Here are some suggestions that you can select to make your parents feel happy, proud, and special.

1. Give your Mom a Makeover

Bride MotherBen Lawson

This is one option to show to your mother that she is very important to you. It is also the best time to create additional precious moments together as mother and daughter or mother and son. Mothers have given their full time and strength in taking care of you. They also have shown their full support during your college and career years. Take a full day to just spend quality time with her and treat her for some makeover. Besides, she do want to look fabulous and more beautiful on your wedding day. So, why not take her to one of the most exclusive spas and beauty salons that can transform her into a more beautiful mother. Actually, this can help your mother feel relaxed and prepared for the wedding day.

2. Take your Father for an Outdoor Activity


Most of men are fond of adventure and outdoors. They love to explore something different and new. Perhaps, you have the habits to go out in the lake to fish, hike in the woods, play golf, or gun shoot in a range. Any of these would make wonderful memories together.

3. Have a Special Dinner Together


It would be also a nice idea to take both of your parents to an exclusive and expensive restaurant. You can have a private dining time together. The groom’s parents and bride’s parents would have a great time. It is a family dinner that you ever want to happen for sure.

No matter what your plan is, make sure to give them something that is sentimental. Time and memories are priceless, but it would be also wonderful to hand them a special gift that they can cherish and keep for the rest of their lives. This may be in a form of a picture frame, a photo album, a vacation trip, a new set of furniture, or some shopping spree.

Making your parents feel more special than they used to would be a great way to remind them how much you really love and care for them. There is no perfect moment to show this than the day or a few days before the wedding. If they are important to you, it is recommended that you take some time off to just spend with them before you two tie the knot together. This is a great surprise that every bride and groom can give to their fathers and mothers.


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