Polka Dots Themed Wedding

Polka dots are a famous style that is traditionally worn during New Year. This is not only ideal to wear on the first day of the year, but also on a wedding event. Polka dots make a unique wedding theme. It can produce lots of many unique and beautiful designs. Your guests will be amazed and love this style. This should be an exciting choice!

Colorful Polka Dots

Polka Dotsgareth1953

For sure, your mind is giving you beautiful pictures of how the dresses would look like. The bride’s wedding gown can be made of white fabric with chic polka dot pattern in grayish white or silver color. For the bridesmaids, they can wear any cocktail dresses styled with polka dots in any color you choose. Maybe, a good idea is to have them wear the same design but in different colors. Stylish elements can be included like sashes, ribbons, embroidery and other accessories that will match to the polka dots themed dresses.

The groom and his men can wear tuxedo as their ties or bows and socks are all polka dots. The ties and socks of the groomsmen can be matched with the bridesmaids’ different polka dots colors.

Black and White Polka Dots

Black and White Polka Dotspetitepanoply

Black and white polka dots style is becoming a trend in wedding fashion. Although this motif of polka dots has been common during the 50’s, designers of wedding gowns only adopt this for modern weddings.

White and Other Color of Polka Dots

White and Other Color of Polka DotsCut To Pieces

If you don’t like white and black combination, you can choose other shades of polka dots for the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses. There is a beautiful combination of white and pink, white and red, black and red, yellow and orange, etc. Any two or three colors combined in dots would create a beautiful style.

Whimsical Polka Dots

Whimsical Polka Dotslovenichero

You may also consider a whimsical mix of polka dots. It can be black and red, blue and black, navy blue and black, or black and light purple. These modern years, couples can refer to black and pink. These colors make a wonderful blend. It is calm and pleasant to the eyes. These kinds of palettes would be more ideal for winter wedding.

Polka Dotted Accessories

Polka Dotted Accessoriesheatherknitz

There are shoes designed in polka dots. It won’t be difficult to find the right shoes that match the dresses. And even if you do not choose shoes in polka dots, plain yellow for red and yellow polka dot dresses can make a good combination. You can pair your wedding attire with any color of shoes. It does not necessarily have to be polka dots in style.

Polka dots theme is ideal for classic wedding, casual wedding, vintage wedding, and modern wedding. Nowadays you can find the latest styles of polka dots in different beautiful colors. It would be a fun and stylish theme that couples can select. Not to mention how the party favors, table centerpieces, and other decorations would look like with this kind of design.


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