What Do Newlyweds Do after the Wedding

Preparing a wedding is exhausting but totally fun. When the day arrives, it will be an exciting moment for the couple. What about after the wedding? What will happen after that?

Now that your wedding is over, the stressful days are not yet over. There are plenty of things that line up on the list. It is important that you also have to finish or complete them before you can finally settle down and feel comfortable.

1. Return or Wash the Wedding Attire

Wedding AttireMcBeth

Washing the dresses worn at the event is one of the first things to do after the wedding. The next day or after a few days is the best time to do that. In case, you rent dresses, bring it back to the owner or the boutique where you get them. But if you purchased the wedding clothes, just clean them and store them to retain the beauty and elegance.

2. Change Your Name and Status

This is an important to remember and do once the wedding is over. It should be done within 90 days from getting married. It is a long process as you have to change your driver’s license, passport, social security card, credit card, and other essential IDs, cards and documents. You can do a lot of these changes via online. But remember that you need some proof of marriage, such as your marriage certificate, to change name and status.

3. Settle Your Financial Information

Do not forget your banks, insurances, and taxes, too. You need to inform each agency about the changes in your name and status. You are now married with a new surname. That makes you joint or equal owners of those stuff. You may continue to file tax income separately or combine both of your taxes. Before you do anything in regards to this, be sure to get some advice from experts, usually an accountant and an auditor.

4. Send Thank You Cards to Your Guests

Send Thank You Cards to Your GuestsVilla de Amore

Though you have thanked your guests during your speech, it would still be a great idea to send them some thank-you notes. You can send them a letter with your heartwarming message for their support, presence, and gifts. This way you are able to make them feel loved and special in witnessing your most joyous and special day.

5. Inform Your Friends and Family about Your New Address

Now that you are married and living in a new house, it is time to let your friends and family know where you are currently living. A new life together with your wife or husband also means a new home. Because your families and close friends are special, you want them to visit you sometimes. That’s why you need to still let them know where your new address is. This also applies to the companies and agencies that give you mails, such as the utility bills, phone providers, and credit card or banking statements.

6. Make Your Dream Honeymoon Come True


Of course, your honeymoon is the highlight of the what-to-do list after the wedding. The place to visit and hotel where to stay should have been planned beforehand. It is usually taken care of before the wedding day. So, after everything is settled, you can now just relax and enjoy your new life together as a married couple.

There are things that you need to do and settle right after your wedding. The most important ones are those that are listed above. You have to make sure they are processed before you can live the life you have been dreaming for so long, to avoid hassles and problems.


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