Sweet Proposal Moves to Your Girlfriend

Are you thinking how you can win the heart of your girlfriend to marriage? Do you have the plan now to make your dream girlfriend become your wife that you’ve been longing for years? Then stick to these tips and follow them to sweep off her feet as you get down on your knees and present her a beautiful, sparkling ring.

When it comes to proposal, you need to ask the blessings and permission of your girl’s parents first. Well, this must be a hard part for you, too, especially if the parents of the girl are really strict or not really in harmony with you. But, with the years of being together, and if you are very sure to marry her, this must not be really hard to do at all, but a challenge and privilege you must take.

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Make sure that you are sincere with everything you say to the parents. You can also take the advantage of men to men talk. Ask the father of your girlfriend to have one on one conversation. This does not mean you won’t talk to the mother of your bride-to-be at all. You still have to talk to them both, but find time alone with the father as well.

After you’ve said the news from her parents, it is time to make a plan for your biggest date and surprise proposal for her. You can treat your girlfriend for some romantic dinner to any of your favorite restaurant, or try some new and adventure, such as climbing on a mountain or hiking in the woods. You can also go watch movies. As a matter of fact, there are many places where you can have your proposal to your future wife.

Regardless of the place to propose, make sure your own unique style is included. Well, unique moves can really make your girl’s heart melt. You’ll see her priceless facial reaction. No matter how unique and incredible your proposal plan is, adopt the old style of asking a woman for marriage. This is to kneel down in front of her, open the box of the ring, and ask the most anticipated and important question. You may also open a short heartwarming speech of how much you truly love and care for her.

The day to conduct your proposal is really important as well. I’m sure that special holiday events, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, are the easiest way to pull this out. Valentine’s Day is the most suitable and romantic moment to propose. The eve of New Year is also a great date to ask the hand of your girlfriend and marry you.

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Remember proposing needs high confidence, encouragement, and a strong heart to ask “Will you marry me?”. After all, these words are the most waited question that ladies want to hear from their boyfriend. What’s left for you to do is to start planning your proposal. Get help from your family, friends, as well as her family.


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