Cake and Dessert Ideas for Wedding

One of the essential foods that should not be missed on a wedding celebration is the wedding cake. This has a special symbol in the ceremony. It is a part of the occasion that has a traditional application. The newlyweds slice a cake and feed each other, which is one of the anticipated moments of the entire event.

Cakes are available in many kinds of flavors, colors, layers, designs, sizes, shapes, and toppings or frostings. When it comes to a cake for wedding, it is important to think very carefully of what to choose. The flavor of the wedding cake must be delicious. Actually, it is up to the bride and the groom to pick up the right flavor of their cake. Other elements in choosing a cake are all based on personal preference. Yet, it has to complement the theme and motif of the occasion.

There are now unlimited flavors and styles of wedding cakes these modern days. You can absolutely find a wide variety of cakes for special gatherings, which include wedding. However, to be able to get the ideal cake that suits your wedding needs, both the taste and appearance should be your priority.

Regardless of the wedding theme and the season of the special day is, having an idea of the trendy and popular cake flavors is a must. Here are some choices of cakes for wedding that you may like to check and select for your own beautiful and big occasion.

1. Red Velvet Cake – As its name suggests, it is colored red that is usually topped with cream cheese frosting, and be sprinkled with small candies or a fondant that is related to wedding.

2. Chocolate Cake – This cake is actually very moist and is mainly flavored with three types of chocolates. It is topped with cinnamon and smooth milk-chocolate frost.

3. Mocha Cake – This cake is mixed with chocolate liqueur, coffee, and vanilla, then topped with fudge icing.

4. Strawberry Cake – Strawberry is blended and mixed with basic cake ingredients, topped with moist cream cheese frosting and chopped strawberries.

5. Lemon Cake – With this flavor of cake, you can mix it with any frosting.

A cake is definitely necessary on a wedding reception. Other than that, there are other desserts to serve for the guests. Whether the occasion is a buffet or sit-in style, the wedding menu always include two or more desserts. Here are more ideas that you can consider adding to the plate or table for the celebration.

1. Fruit Salad – A small bowl or a saucer filled with slices of mixed fruits is a fantastic idea. You can choose any fruits, such as different types of berries, bananas, and apples.

2. Fruit Parfait – Layers of fruits, cream, cheese, and chocolate syrup in a cute glass wine are another good choice.

3. Sweet Sticks – Cakepops, fruits in sticks, and lollipops are other tasty options to add on the table.

4. Pastries – Cream puffs, bagels, doughnuts, sandwiches are just some of the pastries to select as part of the wedding dessert list.

5. Macaroons – This is a traditional dessert seen on special occasions, including wedding. Any color, that should match the wedding theme, is a perfect choice.

One rule about preparing or serving desserts on a wedding event is to make them presentable. They need to be colorful, attractive and jaw-dropping. It should make the guests to drool and entice them to take some pieces. That is why make sure they do not only look cute and fantastic, but also taste really good.

One other thing is the party favor. This is usually packed and taken home by your attendees. This does not have to be bulky and large. Just a few pieces of cookies wrapped in a cute box with ribbon on top, or a cakepop covered in a translucent wrapper is enough.

The menu on a wedding should always include desserts and cakes. These are actually the kinds of foods that make the table a lot more presentable and attractive. They can be displayed as table décors as well. While the taste is the most important to think about, cakes and desserts must look stunning and colorful, too.


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