5 Wedding Destinations for December

Are you planning to get married outside the country? Well, you need to spend more money as you have to consider the transportation, accommodation and foods for your family, wedding participants and guests. While it can be twice more frustrating and stressful to plan a wedding destination, it is totally worth it. You cannot compare the price of the moments you can create and enjoy for this special event.

Let’s say you and your partner are already decisive to tie the knot in another location that is new and not really familiar. What’s next is to think about the destination where to make that happen. If you choose one of the days in December, there are several beautiful places to hold your wedding. Here are 5 best choices of wedding destinations that you can select if you like to get married in December.

1. Aspen, Colorado, USA

December wedding is usually a winter themed one. It means the venue must be cold and snowy. In this case, Aspen in the state of Colorado is an ideal wedding destination for this month. This place provides an engaged couple lots of amazing spots where to make the wedding special and memorable.

Aspen, Colorado is situated in the western part of US. Because of the natural green trees, mountains and rivers found here, any areas in Aspen can create an amazing background for your wedding. You can also depend on the atmosphere because it is not sunny or rainy, but be prepared for some snowflakes.

After the wedding ceremony, you can have your honeymoon happen here, too. There are adventures that Aspen can offer to the newlyweds. These include skiing in the snow, hiking in the cold mountains and kayaking in the river.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas is not new to you anymore for sure. No matter what the season is, this place is a good wedding site. In fact, it has a lot of wedding altars available 24/7. Whatever happens in Vegas, must always stay in Vegas, but ensure everything is all good and just the memories you want to remember for the rest of your married life.

3. Hawaii, USA

The island of Hawaii is not only known for its warm people and weather. This place also offers beautiful beaches, rocky hills and rivers where can be chosen as back draft for a romantic wedding. If one reason why you choose December for wedding destination is to go for a much warmer place, Hawaii is definitely a great place for that.

4. The Caribbean

Another brilliant choice of a wedding destination for December if you prefer a warmer climate is any of the islands in the Caribbean. From the Bahamas to Jamaica, you are offered with beautiful white sand beaches, colorful gardens, breathtaking waterfalls, and others. Wherever in the Caribbean, the time of your wedding must be held during the setting of the sun, or if possible, before it rises in the morning. It will be a great view for a special occasion for sure and that will last for a long time.

5. Paris, France

Paris is usually the ideal place for lovers, especially those engaged couples. Popularly known as the light city and the infamous wonderful Eiffel Tower, Paris is a brilliant destination to wed. You can find lots of amazing places in Paris, too. There are hotels, gardens, castles, wineries and other great spots that can accommodate your big and special event.

In terms of wedding destinations for December, there are many choices you can select from. In Asia, Europe or within the United States, your choice of destination won’t matter as long as it fits the criteria you have been looking for. Most importantly, always plan according to how much you can afford, because wedding destination is financially a serious matter.


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