Wedding Food Ideas – The To-Do List for a Budget Friendly Reception

Do you want to learn some cheap wedding food ideas? Are you interested to prepare foods that cannot exceed your budget? Well, here are the solutions that you are looking for! Below are detailed tips and suggestions which you can follow if you like to spend less rather than to shell out more money. As a result, you’d be able to waste time wisely and conserve your financial resources without overspending.

Create a Budget Plan and Get EstimatesThe first and most important thing you need to do is to think of how much money you can spend for the foods and beverages. You cannot plan anything related to wedding food ideas if you do not have the resources. It may be difficult to estimate the right amount of money to use for buying food ingredients or hiring a catering service. However, once you have the budget plan for food, it is much easier to complete all the things required to have a wonderful reception at the wedding. How are you able to create a budget plan? Well, it only requires researching and estimating the things to plan for. In this case, you have to choose a good food catering service company with the right price, count how many guests will be attending to your event and pick out the delicious foods you can offer to everybody.

Hire an Excellent and Affordable Group of Caterers

Most engaged couples like to hire a company that caters food and beverages because it saves time and effort to prepare all the things needed to consume. To make this easier, have your family and friends help you out in scouting the best and most reliable business you can hire. It is possible that they know a good one if they have personal connection or experience with a particular food catering company. When you choose one, consider the location of the business because it has to be within the area of your reception party. This gives them a much easier way to adjust in terms of delivering the foods to serve for you and your wedding guests. You also consider a business that has been running for a long time with good and positive comments from other customers. Knowing what others have to say can give you an idea of how reliable the services are and how delicious the foods they will serve. The most important of all is to check the rate of their services and foods. If you like some wedding food ideas that can help you save money, do not ignore to negotiate.

Choose the Kind of Dining Style

Before you get into the selection of foods, beverages and favors, it is vital to determine the kind of style on how you can serve foods to your guests. To make this easier for you, consider the degree of formality of the wedding. Is it the unpopular casual, the favorite semi-formal or the very famous formal? Once you are able to determine that, the style of dining is very simple to think.

1. Sit-Down

The most common and favorite dining style in formal events, including wedding, these days is the sit-down style. It is a very formal type of dining which is perfect for your special occasion. There are many advantages you can definitely enjoy when you select this kind of style. You are able to limit the amount of foods to serve per plate. The entire reception is going to look neat and in order as people would just sit down and wait for their foods to be served or if it’s already on the table then everyone can just grab their fork and knife. There are also incredible wedding food ideas you can consider. With this kind of dining, the tables are displayed in a very beautiful setting. The flowers in vases are set, the scented candles are lit, the favors are packed which are ready to grab at anytime and the name tags of every attendee are shown.

2. Buffet StyleImage Source : beeki

The second choice of dining style which is also popular is buffet. This is a good one to consider if there are only countable invitees to attend your wedding. The reason is because people have to get their food on the serving table where all the foods you choose are displayed. They just have to form a line and get any food they like to have on their plate. It takes to do that but you can divide tables into three or four so everybody can have their meal without waiting for a long time. For this choice, there are also unique wedding food ideas to add. You can optionally ask the caterers to serve or let your guests grab anything they want on their own.

Select a Specific Cuisine or Particular Foods

It is much simpler and quicker to identify foods that you can serve if you have a type of cuisine in mind. That enables you to think more of having creating wedding food ideas. The cuisine may or may not be based on the main wedding theme. With that said, learn some of the common cuisines you may choose.

1. Mexican

Foods originated from Mexico are very common nowadays. A lot of people from around the world have embraced this kind of cuisine. If you want to pick this out, the foods to serve on the table must include tacos, nachos, margaritas and savoring salsa on the side. You really do not have to go for the original taste and styling because you can include some twists if you like.

2. French

When French cuisine is brought to the table, what most people expect are the long bread, bagels and baguette. That is not necessarily always the case because there are also French dishes that are not only made by ingredients wheat and flour. Just explore some of the best foods derived from French connoisseur and you’ll get to have your choices.

3. ItalianImage Source :jimmyweee

Another type of cuisine that can give a lot of incredible wedding food ideas is Italian. Pastas are more served when you say Italian food but you can always add vegetables and fruits to make them look more American, Australian or a mix of the world’s best gourmand creation.

These are only some of the cuisines you can select. Remember there are also Asian like Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai foods, Caribbean, African and the like.

Pick Out Add-Ons

Aside from the entrée, do not forget to have the tables be surrounded with beverages, favors and treats. You also have to gather delicious, creative and presentable wedding food ideas in regards to the add-ons or extra treats to provide to your guests. For the favors, they must be prepared in a box with ribbon tied on top. Cocktails have to be in a wine glass with some fruits and umbrella on the side. Whatever treats you have in mind, always choose good ones that your attendees would like to have.

Foods at the reception of the wedding event are important items to take into serious consideration. You need to accommodate each and every guest you have as a way to say thank you for all their support and presence to make the special occasion more successful. And with all the wedding food ideas you learned, it is now better to plan and prepare for it.


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