Basic Make Up for Wedding

Bride is an important people on a wedding. In terms of limelight and styling, it is the bride who gets the more attention, even if you compare her with the groom. As the star of the joyous occasion, her face and overall appearance are essential. Many brides are afraid to look less than their best. They want to make sure they look fabulous and stunning. The only secret actually lies on the makeup. Here are basic make up tips that can produce a glowing, fresh-faced bride.

1. Eye Shadow

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There are many colors of eye shadow. Some are dark colors and others are light. Application of this makeup is not limited. It is combined with two, three or four colors of the same or similar shades. The palette would depend on the color of the skin and eyes of the bride. Light colored eye shadow cannot blend on the bride’s dark skin. Or a brown shade eye shadow won’t work on brown or tanned skin. There is the need to blend colors that perfectly match each other.

2. Eyeliner

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After eye shadows are applied, an eyeliner is used to highlight the brows, and the lids, too. Black is the best choice regardless of the skin color. The tip to remember is not to make it very thick.

3. Mascara

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Of course, the eyelashes need something, too. The mascara, which can be in black or translucent, is the right makeup tool for this part of the eyes. Usually, black mascara is the most common choice. It is a good pair for black eyeliner.

4. Foundation

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For the face, foundation is the base before any other kinds of make ups are applied. The most common and major three colors are beige, natural (brown), and white. These three colors of foundation can cater white, dark and fair complexions. Brides who are Caucasians have to use white, while Asians must apply the natural or brown. Regardless of the race and skin tone, the foundation to use must be light. Too much is not good and one rule is to not overdo make-ups.

5. Blush On

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Another basic make-up for brides is a blush on. The cheekbone is the area where this is applied. It adds a beautiful effect on a woman’s cheeks. The common color is pink or light red. There are different shades for blush-on that range from light to dark colors.

6. Lipstick

LipstickImage Source:auntiep

Lipstick is a very common make-up that can highlight a woman’s beautiful lips. Red colored lipsticks are the most obvious choice, but even this color has various shades to select from. Pink and other related shades are also some good options for the lips. You can refer to a professional makeup artist to recommend you the best color for your lips.

Remember that you can count on today’s make-ups, but there are also other things that can retain the natural beauty of a lady who is going to get married. One of those other best ways is to have enough hours of sleep not only at the night before the wedding, but a few weeks prior to it. This helps prevent stress and make your face looks fresher.

In terms of a makeup, it is important to choose colors that are really suitable to your complexion. Makeup artists can easily figure out the right palette or shade of make-ups to use. So, one way or another, you have to depend on that person. That is why you must choose an excellent and very experienced make-up artist that can give you a much better and more beautiful look.

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