The Different Parts of a Wedding Ceremony

There is an excitement and joy when it comes to wedding. This is one of the most important occasions that every couple is looking forward to. And there is no other significant part than the ceremony.

Although it takes several minutes only, a wedding ceremony has different parts. Each of those parts is very important. This article will help you know the parts of a wedding ceremony that will surely catch your eyes. It will give you excitement and help you understand how this tradition works.

1. The Processional

The Processionaltoddwshaffer

Marching of the groom, the participants, and the bride is the initial part of the ceremony. This is where everyone has to walk down the aisle, but the most anticipated is the bridal march. In most cases, the groom and his parents, or his mother, march first. Then, the best man, groomsmen and bridesmaids follow. After them are the ring bearer, cord bearer, Bible bearer and then the maid of honor. Before the bride comes out, the flower girls walk in the center of the aisle as they shower the white carpet with flower petals. The bride usually comes out with her dad, but both parents may also be an option. Actually the marching of the bride is the much awaited scene during this event.

2. The Exchanging of Vows

The Exchanging of VowsWendy Cooper

This part is the most important and usually held at the middle of the ceremony. There are times that the bride and the groom shed tears when they give their vows. That is understandable because of their happiness and love for each other. It just shows the sincere feeling they have.

3. The Tribute to Parents


The bride and groom’s message to their parents is one other essential part of a wedding. Acknowledging the mothers and fathers with a special message can provide a very heartfelt feeling. The couple should make and deliver their messages with honesty, sincerity, and genuine love. This is to know that they cherish their parents and owe everything to them. It is a sweet and happy moment for both the couple and their parents.

4. The Kissing of the Bride

The Kissing of the BrideDavidR_

Many of the guests would not want to miss this particular scene. This part is the source of laughter, cheers, and excitement. After pronouncing the couple as husband and wife, the clergyman will let the groom kiss her bride for the first time in public, in front of every loved one and friend.

5. The Recessional

The Recessionalstevenbryant

This is the part where the newlyweds come out from the altar. Some people wait for them outside and shower them with confetti, petals, or sparkers. This is the part that marks the end of the ceremony.

As you may already know, the wedding does not end after the ceremony. The reception part follows where the fun actually begins! There is the releasing of doves, giving gifts, delivering wedding speeches, eating delicious foods served on every table, toasting, and others.

Every part of the wedding ceremony, as well as the reception, is important. It has been traditionally practiced to follow all of those parts. But it does not mean that couples won’t add anything new if they want to. At the end of the day, getting married is still the most essential thing that should happen at a wedding event.


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