Wedding Duties of a Matron of Honor

First of all, what makes a matron of honor different from a maid of honor? Technically, there is none except the relationship status of the person. In case you haven’t known, a maid of honor refers to an unmarried woman, while a matron of honor is married.

The responsibilities and duties of a matron honor on a wedding is as same as the best man’s. Some are individualized, which means only the maid of honor has to perform such tasks. Others are collaborated with the best man or other bridesmaids.

If you are asked to be the matron of honor, make sure that you know and understand how crucial your part is. You must be cooperative and dedicated to do your tasks. Take note that completing your tasks with satisfying result can contribute to the success of the wedding, which the couple is expecting for.

Actually, the duties of a matron of honor are separated into three main tasks. These are the duties before the wedding, during the ceremony and reception, and duties after the wedding day.

A matron of honor needs to help the bride with the following tasks:


1. Planning the bride’s shower party and bachelorette party.
2. Assisting in the selection of wedding dresses of the bride and all bridesmaids.
3. Customizing or ordering save the date cards and wedding invitations.
4. Taking cares of all wedding accessories of the bride, including the extra wedding dress, veil and bouquet.
5. Opening and closing the door car for the bride.


1. Standing beside the bride.
2. Holding the bride’s bouquet, and if the ring bearer is not available, you need to hold the ring until the exchanging begins.
3. Assisting or reminding the bridesmaids of their tasks.
4. Adjusting the veil and dress of the bride whenever necessary.
5. Handing out handkerchief to the bride.
6. Collecting the gifts of the guest.
7. Aiding the bride during the picture taking and when she needs to change dresses.
8. Giving a wedding speech.


1. Returning borrowed stuffs, like rental gowns, tables and chairs.
2. Paying other bills that haven’t fully or completely settled.

To be a matron of honor on a wedding is not an easy or an ordinary job. There are plenty of tasks that you need to accomplish before, during and after the event. Whether it is an easy or a daunting task, a matron of honor needs to make sure she is doing it right and completing it with satisfying results.

Always keep in mind that it is an honor and a privilege to be a matron of honor, whether the bride is your sister, friend, aunt, or niece. It is not just to fill in the role because it has been a tradition. You need to accept this with appreciation since you are one of the closest people in the life of the bride, which is very meaningful to the both of you.


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