How to Control Emotional Feelings on the Wedding

Wedding is a special occasion that is usually involved with mixed emotions. It is a celebration so the couple and their families should be feeling joyful. Yet, it is also a time to feel sad, stressed, and sometimes sorrowful. While the preparation phase makes you really feel excited and happy, the day of the event is another story. It can bring real emotions that somewhat are unexpected and uncontrolled.

Wedding Day

It is alright to show emotions on the wedding day, especially if you are the bride, the groom, or one of the parents of the newlyweds. You must not hide those sincere and honest emotions, because those are the keys that can make the wedding more special and memorable. Yet, it must not be an occasion where the venue becomes a pool of tears. Guests will find it a little bit weird if the entire family sobs for hours!

Remember that the wedding must still be a happy and beautiful event. The bride needs to keep herself look stunning and graceful. She must cry in a way that it won’t ruin her mascara. There are brides who would look like they are in a Halloween party when they shed tears at their wedding. It is even more humiliating if caught in cameras. That can be a laughing talk to the guests once they see the pictures posted on the social network sites.

The same thing should not be happened to the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and the fathers. Most mothers of either the bride or the groom are naturally emotional. They feel happy, proud and sad at the same time for their children. The fathers have other way of expressing their feelings. They do not usually cry, but they have the tendency to drink wine or beer so they feel stronger and less emotional. But it must not be also to the extent that they become drunk and embarrassing or humiliating, which are something not tolerated.

What should you do to express emotions better and more gracefully? Here are some tips that can help you control your emotions on the day of the wedding.

1. Talk One on One Beforehand

You know there are things to say during the speeches. But, why wait to get emotional at the moment when you have all the time before that happens? It is a better idea if you express your gratitude and love to your parents before you march down the aisle. Have a sit together in a quiet place where you can really talk. When was the last time you had an emotional talk with your parents? Perhaps, this is the best time, especially that you’ll be busy focusing with your husband and raising your family soon.

2. Spend a Full Day with Your Immediate Family

It is also a brilliant idea to schedule a whole day together with your family. Having a private time with your parents and siblings before you get married can strengthen family values. It must not just be during Thanksgiving, birthday, anniversary, wedding or funeral that you see each other for a grand reunion moment. This lessens your chance to be overly emotional on your wedding.

3. Accept the Reality

Wedding Occasion

Life is about growing and moving on and wedding reminds us that. It is not always that you have to live with your parents and siblings. Everyone goes to a different path and on your wedding, you are about to go to a new direction. You must be able to accept that is what it is.

4. Remind Yourself It is not Over

Wedding is not actually about saying goodbye to your parents or immediate family. You know that you are still going to see them from time to time. That thought must help you feel less sad. There are more days to spend with them. There are more memories to create with them.

5. Say Sorry or Forgive

Wedding Event

If there is one thing that you are holding onto yourself because of past experiences that are making you feel guilty, it is recommended that you clear that out before the wedding. You may need to ask for forgiveness for something you have done wrong with one of your siblings or mother. Maybe, you have to forgive if one of your family members made you feel awful before. Just letting go and be with your family is one way to avoid exaggerated emotions on the special day.

Remember that a wedding must be celebrated with lots of smiles and happy tears, but not plenty of sad or guilty feelings. If there are things to deal with the family, it is best that you talk about it a few days or a week before that wonderful day. This is one great way to avoid expressing too much emotions.

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