Personal Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Your chosen girls to assist you or stand with you at the wedding deserve some special treats. They do not just simply wear the dress you prepare for them, hold the bouquet and march down the aisle. They mean special to you that’s why you have selected them as your bridesmaids in the first place. So, show more of your kindness, generosity and respect through some tokens that they only can get for keepsake. Here are very ideal gifts that you may hand out to each and every bridesmaid, including the maid of honor.

For Entertainment

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There are a couple of things that you can entertain your bridesmaids. From tickets to gadgets, girls would love something that makes them feel relaxed and enjoy their spare time. Below are great ideas you can give to them.

1. Tickets – Broadway, musical concerts, magic shows, movies, sports, etc.
2. Books or e-reader
3. Musical CDs or movies in DVDs
4. Magazine subscriptions for a year
5. MP3, CD player, iPod, or DVD portable player
6. Board games – scrabble, boogle or word factory, chess, checker, playing cards, etc.

For Relaxation

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Most women like to feel pampered and spoiled sometimes. This is your chance to give them what really they deserve, since you can relate to their needs. The following items are cool surprises you may consider as well.

1. Bath robes and towels with their initials or monogrammed “bridesmaid” title
2. Beauty and skin products – lotion, fragrance or perfume, makeup kit, soap, shampoo, etc.
3. Gift certificates – spa, salon, boutique, hair makeover, facial treatment, etc.
4. Pillows
5. Pajamas and Underwear

For Personal Uses and Keepsake

Sentimental items are what most girls give to one another. With a few girls in mind, you may wrap some of the items listed below.

1. A designer clutch, tote or shoulder bag
2. Sunglasses and scarf
3. A jewelry set
4. Flasks, tumblers or water bottles
5. Picture frame with your photos
6. Stationery set
7. Flower vase or platter
8. Umbrella and a pair of flip flops

For Passion and Interest

You may also try giving a very unique surprise to your bridesmaids and maid of honor. Something that may enhance their interest, creativity and skill is a good choice like the ones recommended in this list.

1. Free 6-month or 1-year membership or access – gym, dance class, vocal lesson, martial arts, yoga, etc.
2. A DSLR camera with extra lens and other accessories
3. A cooking or baking set with cookbooks
4. Gardening tools
5. How-to magazines

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After reading these items one by one, you surely have an idea of what you can give to your girls prior to the wedding day. The things mentioned above are suggestions, which mean you can absolutely mix and match some items together, if in case you are more generous to give more than just one. Whether you give them a single or multiple items, your bridesmaids are going to love what you can offer and hand to them. Remember, it’s the thought that you make them feel special that counts the most, and not always the cost or kind.


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