Bridal Bouquets, What’s in Now?

For many years, it’s just a dream to be on a beautiful, white gown holding a very pretty bouquet of flowers. Now it feels surreal to you to finally getting married! As there are many things to talk about wedding, let’s just focus on the bridal bouquets. It may be a small thing to some people, but for the bride, it is as important as her wedding dress.

When it comes to bridal bouquets, choosing the right one that reflects your inner beauty and matches your grace is the ultimate goal. You need some ideas and helpful tips on how you can find the best bouquet that fits you, and probably another one for your bridesmaids.

Posy Bouquet

This is one of the traditional and beautiful types of bouquets that most brides choose for their wedding. It is a small bouquet that a bride holds with her one hand. What makes this bouquet unique is that the flowers are arranged in a round shape. It also features only one kind of flower, but can be in different colors. Yet, you can add other small flowers, but not to overshadow the main flower. Its style is that the stems of each flower are tied with ribbon or satin to hold them and bind altogether, to easily make it perfect round. This is perfect for all brides with very long wedding gowns.

Nosegay Bouquet

This next bouquet is also a small round shaped arrangement of flowers. It is actually a combination of flowers and some foliage, and leaves. Although it started during the 1980s, nosegay bouquet is a style of flower arrangement that is already modernized. The stems are also covered with ribbons, satin or organza for binding and easier holding.

Biedermeier Bouquet

Another beautiful bouquet that has specific style is biedermeier bouquet. From a distance, the beauty of this flower arrangement is easily noticed. That is because the flowers are arranged based on a pattern, which may vary. Also, the flowers, which differ in kinds and colors, are tightly bound together and arranged in circular shape. Many modern brides will surely want this kind of arrangement as their wedding bouquet.

Pomander Bouquet

Pomander bouquet is basically more commonly used for bridesmaids and flower girls. It is an arrangement of different flowers that look like ball with attached ribbon or satin, which can be worn as a bracelet. It can still be held by hand like holding a handbag. As anything goes nowadays, this type of bouquet can also be used by a bride.

All these four lovely types of floral bouquets for brides are the best choices for modern weddings. Since the list only consists of a few choices, picking the right one for you is not that difficult at all.

Tips in Choosing a Bouquet

What’s left for you to do is to start choosing the kind of flowers you want to be arranged. Make sure the colors match the theme of the special occasion, and reflect your personality if possible.

Also, you have to choose a good florist or a flower shop. There are many florists and shops available to select from. You can easily narrow down choices by checking the price, the quality and dependability.

Remember that when you need to find your bouquet, and bouquets for your bridesmaids and flower girls, you only have to think of a few things. You consider the right style of the bouquets, the right colors, the kinds of flowers, and the price. Nevertheless, the choices above are what you just have to focus on for basic selection.


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