8 Things on Your Wedding Week List

A few days or a week before the wedding is most hectic and worrisome day for the bride and the groom. There are many things they have to check and finalize as their day is fast approaching. What exactly are the things you do during the week of your wedding? Well, here is a list that you need to bear in your thoughts and complete before the day of the special event.

1. Finalize All Payments

For a big and extravagant occasion like this, money is mandatory, unless you win a sweepstakes or a contest that rewards you a free wedding. During the last week, everything that involves finances should be set. It is very important to finalize all bookings, orders, and other payments before your wedding day.

2. Prepare Your Stuff

All important accessories and belongings that you need to wear and use must be also ready. Your wedding dress should have been washed, ironed and stored in a good place during this week, so are your shoes, jewelry, and wedding rings.

3. Remind the Vendors

Inform your vendors your orders regarding the time that they should be on your wedding venue. The florists must start decorating the place, arranging flowers, and making bouquets a few hours before the start of the wedding. The photographers have to be early as well, since they have to cover the time when you are dressing up and having your make-up. All the businesses you have deal with must be reminded of the time you expect them, as well as the things you anticipate them to bring.

4. Call Your VIP Participants and Guests

You may have sent the invitations some months ago and people confirmed. But you do not have to remind each and every one of them. You have closest friends and special family relatives you expect to see on this beautiful day. It won’t be a bad idea to check up on them. Just ask them if they already know the right way to reach the venue, and other things that may concern you.

5. Check the Spelling on Décors and Tags

Your names as the bride and the groom are important to be spelled correctly. If nothing is error, you may check the spelling of your guests’ names. Double check all paper materials that are printed and calligraphed if the letters are correct and proper. Aside from names, the date, time, name tags for the tables, and decorations with letters must be also checked. In case of errors, then you can still have time to correct or change them.

6. Create Your Vow and Wedding Speech

Make sure to start and finish your wedding vow and speech before the day of this special occasion. As a matter of fact, the vow should have been prepared some weeks ago. Anyway, if you haven’t this and the speech should be completed by the week of your wedding. See to it that you double check your grammar and the essence of what you write for the speech as well as the vow.

7. Welcome Early Guests

Some people may come over days before the wedding. Since they are your visitors, it is a must to welcome and accommodate them warmly. Despite the busy and hectic hours of this particular week, do not make it an excuse to ignore those guests, especially if they are the family of your future spouse. You need some break, too, so hang out with them for chitchats and laughs.

8. Relax

Do not forget to simply relax. Stop pacing to and fro or thinking too much if everything is ready. The week of your wedding should be a time to chill and enjoy the last days of your singlehood. So, try to invite your best friend and find relaxation at the spa salon, where you can have manicure and pedicure, hair treatment, tanning and massage. Most importantly, have enough sleep so you will not be too stressed on the most awaited and special day. In addition, eat healthily and drink plenty of water to avoid having condition that may make you feel awful and bad. This should be the last thing you will feel on the week or day of your wedding.

There may be a few things to complete and prepare during the week of your wedding. No matter what, find time to relax and just enjoy the moments. Your excitement increases on these days. That means it is just very ideal and normal to be stressed, but not in a way that you become too worried and overly occupied. As much as possible, stay away from things that make you feel stressed or anxious. To help you ease your feeling, picture the wedding day and your honeymoon. It will surely make you smile so wide.


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