Wedding Accessories – What Else to Prepare to Make You Look Stunning

Oh, that lovely white dress with a long flowering tail that you’ve been dreaming for years! Most girls just cannot hide their facial expression about how excited and happy they are. I surely got you smirking didn’t I? Unless it’s a no-choice marriage, you won’t have any feeling but all the positive energy and good mood are coming out of you. That’s really the feeling of being the bride – well good for you and congratulations!

One thing to clear about, take it as a tip, is that do not concentrate only on the wedding dress. You won’t be only marching down the aisle with your beautiful white gown without any shoes, dazzling jewelry, etc. Those are accessories that you still have to keep in mind to complete your overall stunning bridal look.

Accessories for wedding are very important regardless of the theme and location. You have to deal with your needs, personality and budget, at the same time, in choosing wedding accessories. Most accessories, from head to toe, for brides, or for wedding in general, are expensive. Those that are manmade are the real expensive ones. Despite that, it’s nothing wrong if you can look really expensive even for just one day. It is a wedding day which is the time for the groom and the bride to feel glamorous and luxurious. So, when it comes to organizing your wedding attire add some simple but extra special touch through accessories.

1. Shoes

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The first thing that comes to mind when you speak of wedding accessories is the pair of shoes. This is actually the second most important in the attire of the bride. Unless the wedding takes place on a beach with bare feet, wearing no shoes can be unacceptable. You have to wear stilettos in white or silver with some sparkling to match the beautiful white dress.

2. Jewelry

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The more you look dazzling with some jewelry pieces around your neck, wrists and of course your finger. Do not forget that your engagement ring and even the promise ring can be work on your wedding day. Instead in the left fourth finger, put them in your right hand so your groom won’t have to dismiss and move them. This makes it easier for your wedding ring, yes, the official wedding band, to be placed where it should rest. The secret key here is that all of your earrings, necklace and bracelet must match one another.

3. Hair Pieces

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Hair must not be just put down plain and simple or tied up. There has to be accessories hanging on it to give an additional flash. You can have a tiara that supports the veil or a feathered and beaded hairclip placed behind the ear. In fact, there are many types of hair accessories that you can wear so it all depends on what you would prefer.

4. Garter

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The next accessory not to miss is the bridal garter. Yes, the sexy garter that has to be worn around your thigh from the second you put on your stunning gown up to the moment wherein your groom has to remove it and pass it to all single men. Don’t worry because this is not visible all the time until it is slowly pull out of your thigh. It is just a part of the tradition, and fun, to have this.

It is common for brides to wear wedding accessories that can pair with their white dresses. They may be simple but very elegant and glamorous when added to your bridal gown. As they come in various kinds, styles, quality and price, it is important to have enough time finding the right wedding accessories. This also enables you to avoid stress and hassle when they only have to be dealt with ease. You must not even include that to your list of worries because they are just simple things that you can effortlessly take care of. Have your stylist help you out to make things easier and more comfortable for you. Besides, she is expert not just on how fitting the dress should be but also how matching everything else. These accessories are additional stuff that would add touch to your natural beauty so take them as extra accents.


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