Wedding Gifts for the Bride and the Groom

You recently received a creative invitation card that lets you to attend a wedding. Perhaps, you have a big role to play, either one of the bridesmaids if you are a women, or a groomsman for a guy. If not, you may be among the very important sponsors of the wedding. While you can be naturally excited of what you are going to wear or look like on that day, first think of what present you can give to the newly engaged couple. Whether they are your friends or one of them is your family relative, since you are invited, one of your obligations and privileges to do in return is to hand them a very special gift.

Like other categories of gifts, wedding gifts are in many kinds from styles to sizes, materials to purposes, etc. In choosing a wedding gift, you won’t necessarily consider your taste, likes, wants or needs. Rather, concentrate on what the couple would need when they become married to one another. Make sure also that you only choose wedding gifts that will usable and last for long years. To give you some ideas, here are wedding gifts that you can choose from and see if they can make a perfect item to buy and give for the couple.

1. Wedding Signature Plate

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Do you remember one of the days wherein you spend time with the bride or the groom, or perhaps the both of them, in a very special moment? You may remember also the plate you used during one of those lovely dinners or picnic lunch. With a memory to tell and keep them remembered, a plate with the signatures of their family and friends would be a great item to give. You can also think of bringing a plate on the wedding day and have all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents to sign on it. That is one unique sample of wedding gift you can select.

2. A Photo in a Large Frame

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One of the most favorite and ideal wedding gifts for the celebrants is a photo. Not just an ordinary photo in a small frame but in a life-size frame if possible, or half of that dimension. You can personalize that photo by enhancing it to make it look professional. It is best if you pick one of their oldest pictures, like when they’re still dating or before their engagement, so everytime they would see it would remind them how far they’ve gone and how much they care for each other for those long years. It would be definitely a sentimental and unique wedding gift for the both of them.

3. Personalized Wedding Mugs

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A personalized pair of mugs is also a famous type of wedding gifts. What else can be more interesting than to wake up together with some coffee on the table? That is a simple and normal but priceless moment they can have with each other as married couple. And everytime they use that mug they will remember their vows and love for one another. When you say personalized, add the first names or initials of the bride and groom, including the date and year of their special occasion.

4. Bathrobes

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It is also very practical to hand the bride and the groom a bathrobe each. Pair their robes with towels and bath products such as shampoos, soaps, lotions and oils. Furthermore, these robes won’t only be bought at any clothing stores. They must be customized in a way that the names of the couple are embedded on the fabric. That would be a monogrammed type of bathrobe so then it becomes very special.

5. Wedding Champagne Bottles

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Cute, tiny bottles of champagne dressed in a bride’s gown and a groom’s tuxedo are also beautiful wedding gifts. They are bottles for display which can remind the couple of their marriage, love and life together. If you prefer a real bottle of champagne, that’s also a good choice. However, choose among the expensive ones like Moet, Krug, Armand de Brignac and Dom Perignon.

Gifts for wedding symbolize a lot of things regardless of your relationship with the couple. As far as you care for their relationship, you will feel nothing but support, love and support for the both of them. So, be truly honored to be part of their most special and memorable day. Start to show your support with a small treat like the ones given above. It is not a loss to spend extra of your budget too.


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