Modest Wedding Dress – The Perfect Dress for the Special Occasion

Believe it or not, a modest wedding dress is still one of the most preferred bridal dresses these days. Even popular women like Ivanka Trump and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wore a very modest bridal dress. So, the reason behind the selecting of a modest wedding dress is not only because of religion or spiritual affiliation. There are other reasons why some brides prefer to wear modest and conservative wedding gowns. If you are among those women who are looking for modest wedding dresses with sleeves, there is nothing to be ashamed for. It is actually cute and unique to wear that type of bridal dress during these modern times.

The Basic Factors

Like other wedding gowns and dresses, the same criteria apply in choosing styles, designs and other factors. As you can see in many different wedding gowns stores today, there are lots of new styles and amazing designs that can surely catch your attention and interest even if you are specific with your choice, which is a modest wedding dress. The things that you need to consider when choosing a wedding gown is the neckline, the sleeve, the waist design, the back design, the overall length from top to bottom, the tail and the size. These are really important so take each one as an essential consideration.

1. The Neckline

If you are looking for a modest wedding dress you need to choose the most appropriate neckline. The most recommended styles of necklines are bateau, boat neck, scoop, square neck, and jewel neckline. Bateau bridal dresses are still a favorite choice even to these days. As a matter of fact, many contemporary designs of bateau modest wedding dresses with sleeves are among the hottest now. Jewel neckline dress is a common choice until now too. The rule of thumb here is to choose a neckline that does not only meet your personal desire but also harmonize your body shape from your neck to shoulders. It also has to flatter your beautiful and natural facial feature.

2. The Sleeve Length

The length of the sleeve of a modest wedding dress must be considered too. That means you have to avoid having a spaghetti strap or strapless bridal dress. Do not worry because there are some great choices of sleeves. These include the short sleeves such as cap sleeve, standard short sleeve, Juliette sleeve, puff sleeve, butterfly sleeve, raglan sleeve. For long sleeves, you can select the 3/4 length sleeve, bell sleeve, bishop sleeve, or poet sleeve.

You can also find different kinds of back designs for modest gown such as; V cut back design, high necked back designs and jewel back designs. You need also decide if your gown short or long; long gown that usually lying on the floor is extremely common but tea length gown is also another choice if you don’t want very long modest gown. Even if you like to look very graceful, modest wedding dresses with sleeves are not necessarily the choice as you can go for strapless and sweetheart neckline too.

3. The Waist Design

The waist is not a very complicated issue to check out because there is no difference with the other types of bridal dresses and gowns. The waist design of a modest wedding dress actually depends on the style of cut. If it is an A-line or princess styled dress, the waist is not too tight and its bottom stretches to form the shape A. The ball gown wedding dress has the same waist design. The column styled dress is a very common choice because it is fitting to any type of body. There is also the empire waist dress which is more comfortable to wear as it does not tighten the waist and hips. This is more preferred and suitable for pregnant brides. A very beautiful choice of waist design is the mermaid shape because it flaunts the hips.

4. The Back Design

There is also a wide range of back designs of modest wedding dresses. You can have the open back design of a modest wedding dress or closed on. This is regardless of the length of the sleeve and style of cut.

5. The Skirt Length

The length of the bottom part of modest wedding dresses with sleeves must be also considered. The standard is that it has to be a full length dress which means it touches or reaches beyond the top of the shoes. Fortunately, you can shorten the length if you want since you are now in a modern era. So, with that, you may go for a hi-lo length dress, ankle length, tea length, knee length or intermission. Of course, the tail is part of the length of the skirt especially if this is attached to the dress. Even if the tail is stretched down from the veil, the tail can be short or long.

6. The Size

The fitting of a modest wedding dress really matters a lot. Whatever style you pick or how long the sleeve is, always wear the size that flaunts your body. It must generally give you convenience when you wear it so you can enjoy your special day from the start of your bridal march to the first husband-wife dance at the reception.

7. The Color and Accents

Traditionally, the color of wedding dresses, be it a modest wedding dress or not, is white. You can go for a plain white colored bridal dress or with some embellishments. Today, a lot of brides go beyond the norm by having a dress or gown that has some jewels embedded. If not jewels, additional colors are added on the neckline, waist line and the bottom of the dress. Some white wedding gowns are simply adorned with a bow tied on the waist. You can actually be creative in adding accents to your bridal dress.

8. The VeilImage Source : kodomut

Let’s not forget the veil as this can complete the entire wedding regalia of a bride. The choices are very common from short to long ones. The short veils are the elbow length and neck length. The long veils include the fingertip and cathedral length. If you prefer a cathedral length veil, your modest wedding dress does not have to have tail. In addition, you can use accessories to wear a veil. Your choices are headband or tiara so they can be worn comfortably and securely. This means the veil should not just be pinned to your hair.

You can find lots of different kinds of modest wedding dresses anywhere from magazines to the Internet. Before you indulge taking some day off searching for the best modest wedding dress, try to scout ideas first. It is necessary to research so you can also decide on the cost according to your budget. Regardless, you already have a list of what to choose because the factors that can help and guide you are provided above. What you must do then is to consider all these following things in finding right modest bridal gown for you. This narrows down your search of modest wedding dresses with sleeves. Once you find the perfect dress, you will be the happiest and most excited bride.


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