Fairytale Wedding Theme – How to Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

Have you chosen fairytale wedding theme as your theme? If so, you are just a step closer in making your dream big wedding come true! This theme is a fantastic choice because it entails lots of beautiful things from the dresses to decorations, invitations to locations, etc. You are probably reading this to get some fairytale wedding theme ideas. Here are important things that you can learn to create a wonderful, memorable and unique wedding.The Color and Motif

There are a few choices of colors to select from if your wedding has to be fairytale inspired. Most of the popular colors are pink, yellow, crystal blue, purple, orange and lime green. These are very enchanting colors which make the environment look surreal. Well, it won’t be once you realize that your wedding is in fact real! That’s how exciting this fairytale wedding theme makes. The color alone can fascinate you, your groom and the whole guests.

The Location

Where else can you tie the knot with the man of your life than in a castle! You may or may not be allowed to enter a castle near you but the destination is perfect for a fairytale wedding theme. It may cost a fortune to have a wedding in a real castle. If this is the case, it may work to exchange vows outside where the castle becomes a backdrop. It will still be a cool and very unique fairy tale wedding. The church is still a suitable choice for a fairy tale wedding. The old structure is enough to make it really matching to the theme.

The Invitations

Your excitement grows more once you think about the invitations. A bunch of designs is readily available online and on magazines. You can get numerous fairytale wedding theme ideas on how to make invitations. One very famous example is the use of a castle designed on the front page or cover of the invitation. You can also make a hole in one of the windows of the castle where your picture can be seen. Just ensure that you look like characters in a fairytale story. Another example of a fairytale wedding theme invitation is to have a simple save-the-date card on a small horse carriage. It is something your guests can keep for years and have it displayed on their desk or cabinet. A wedding invitation in a scroll is also a great one to select. You can surely be creative on your wedding invitation as long as it is based on the chosen theme. Besides, there’s flexibility in making anything if your theme is all about fairytale wedding theme.

The Dresses

When it comes to bridal dresses, there are countless fairytale wedding theme ideas that you can discover from various websites and wedding magazines. Many modern dresses for brides now are designed based on the dresses of fairy tale characters like The Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White and Rapunzel. If you do not want anything from those famous stories, you can make your own fairytale wedding theme dress! Any design or style of a dress for bride is a dream come true so that makes it a fairytale!

For the groom, any tuxedo will do but it will be more unique and appropriate to have him wear a prince’s attire. There are groom dresses that are designed based on a typical prince suit. You will be surely in love more if you see your prince charming in a shining armor!

For bridesmaids and groomsmen, the dresses may be a less noticeable than your dresses. Remember you and your groom are the stars of this great event. So, just let each don a much simpler wedding dress as long as it is fairytale wedding theme inspired.

The Decorations

You do not need lots of decorations for a fairy tale wedding. What you concentrate more is the lighting because it has to be a very romantic and enchanting environment. Have a few crystals and ice sculpture displayed. They are the most popular items used for the decorations related to a fairytale wedding theme. There is absolutely several items you can use and display only but the effect is incredible for sure.

The Food and the CakeImage Source : shannonyeh

A fairytale wedding theme is a formal type so the foods have to be lavish. The good news is that you can choose any dish or cuisine from what you can normally order in a restaurant or prepare at home. You can have some steak, roasted turkey, grilled salmon and anything that you can combine with mixed vegetables and a matching dessert. The cake has to be outstanding since it needs to be. A great choice is a castle inspired cake which can certainly look magnificent and scrumptious. For favors and other treats, you can have cupcakes with a horse carrying a bride and a groom on top or castle shaped cookies.


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