How to Choose Winter Wedding Dresses

Feeling the cold breeze and white snow can add a touching and pleasant. The romance becomes more intense, happiness increases and love keeps getting stronger every minute. No matter where the venue is, if it’s going to be a winter wedding, there’s no question of how magical and memorable would it be.

If you and your soon-to-be-husband agreed to have your wedding during the winter season, expect stresses and hassles as well. Winter is the coldest season of the year, so it is important to consider the right kind of locations, winter decorations, foods and favors, and, of course, wedding dresses. What we are going to focus with this article is dresses for winter weddings.

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Finding the right winter wedding dress for the bride is one of the daunting things to prepare. This is one of the biggest and most exciting tasks of a bride. And when it comes to preparation, you do not only judge based on what you want but what you need and what your wedding is. That means you should look for the texture of the dress, the durability, the color, the style or design and the cut. Do not forget the size and price tag as well. Make your selection process easier and more convenient with these tips and suggestions.

1. Don’t Show Too Much Skin

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It is very obvious that spaghetti and strapless wedding dresses are not suitable for a winter wedding. That is because of the cold weather, yet it’s not that it’s illegal or something. If you can stand the cold temperature and no problem having a strapless romantic wedding dress, then go for it. There’s also a solution if you want a strapless, a one-strap or a spaghetti wedding dress. With the use of a blazer or a short coat, any of those three kinds of dresses may do to protect your skin from coldness.

2. Aim for Elegance and Sophistication

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It is important to make your look elegant despite the cold and chilly weather. You do not have to tie your beautiful hair, instead, simply put your hair down and make it stretched. Well, that is if you have a long hair which must be at least below the shoulders. Any wedding dress would be a match if your hair is placed down. Just wear a tiara or a jewelled comb that supports your veil so you can look more sophisticated. To make your look stunning with your wedding dress, have a nice hairstyle as well that makes you feel warm. That can provide cover for your ear and shoulders to keep you cozy.

3. Go for Dark Shades

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There is a color code for wedding dresses, which is also essential to consider and keep in mind. When choosing a winter wedding dress, dark colors are much better because they provide warmth. Plus, you can’t wear any bright color during winter. The bride needs to wear white wedding gown, but if you want to follow out of the norm, then select a darker color. This also applies to bridesmaids, maid of honor and flower girls. The best choices of colors of winter wedding dresses for a bride are plum, dark sage green, black and hot pink, and burgundy.

4. Don a Thick Dress

Note, there are other kinds of wedding dresses that have sheer top and skirt. Those are not suitable for a winter wedding, because they cannot give warmth. However, there are still thicker materials to select from such as heavy satin, velvet, silk, wool, and 100% cotton. Those are things that can keep you feel a lot warmer during the ceremony until the reception.

5. Feel Comfortable

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The last thing to keep in mind is to just be convenient and comfortable. You must not be feeling awkward or nervous, although that’s inevitable sometimes. However, always keep your cool to manage yourself being comfortable. Besides, this is the best day of your life that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life.

While the secrets are out, it’s time to begin your short journey of finding your wedding dress. I’m pretty sure you are excited as ever now especially that you have an idea of what to look for.


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