Unique Bridesmaid Gifts – Creative, Stylish and Personalized Gift Items

It is not difficult to find unique bridesmaid gifts because there are lots of ideal items to choose from. You can give your bridesmaids some things that can make their day brighter. What’s more is that you do not need to spend a huge amount of fortune just to please them and make them feel special to your life. What you need to do is to concentrate in choosing and purchasing the perfect items for each one of your bridesmaids including the lucky maid of honor. You need to consider not only the budget that you have allocated for buying these items but also the likes and interests of the recipients. They have to get something from you that can signify your love, loyalty, respect and appreciation to them. With the help of this article, you are going to learn some of the most popular and very practical gift items for bridesmaids.
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What makes this task difficult is that not all of your chosen bridesmaids have similarities. You cannot just give them different things because one item may be a lot more obviously expensive while another one is not. You do not want to start a tension among your friends. Yet, it is really important to know the taste and likes of everybody. Knowing what they will all like is how you are able to identify the kind of gift to give to each one of them. With that sense, try getting some unique bridesmaid gifts on the Internet and magazines to have an idea. Some of those personalized and perfect gifts for bridesmaids are discussed below.

A Water Bottle

Many women nowadays are going to the gym, working out or simply making some run at the park. Even if not all of your friends are into this, a water bottle or a flask for women is a great item to consider as your bridesmaid gift to them. This is very useful whether they are at work, on a picnic, on a date with their boyfriends or husbands, etc. There are bottles exclusively for bridesmaids which you can have their names on each to make them more unique bridesmaid gifts.

A Shoulder Bag, Handbag or a Clutch

Every woman likes a bag no matter what size, color and brand it is. But to make them jump for joy and scream for excitement, choose one of the leading brands of bags these days. There is a Louis Vitton handbag, the Jimmy Choo clutch, the Chanel purse, the Prada shoulder bag and so much more. If you can have bags that can be personalized with your bridesmaids’ names, they are considerably unique bridesmaid gifts you can give out to each one of them. Try to look for some high fashionable bag that they can use anytime, anywhere.

A Coffee Mug

Mugs are one of the easiest items that you can customize. You can definitely paint the names of each bridesmaid on one side of the mug. You can also add some words or note you want to tell to them. To make this item more wedding related, include the word “bridesmaid” so they are reminded of being one of your best girls who have a part at your most special day. It will surely make them feel very special everytime they use and see a cute bridesmaid coffee mug.

A Jewelry Box

Another item that can make women go crazy is a jewelry box. But what is a jewelry box without some gems in it? So, if you consider giving each of your bridesmaids a very beautiful jewelry box, ensure to have a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet in it. It also works if you can give them before the wedding day so they can use it and have a uniform on the jewelry during your big event. Any jewelry items are unique bridesmaid gifts because they are not only expensive but also useful in a lot of ways. Remember the fact that women usually keep and take care of jewels.

A Monogrammed Cashmere Scarf

Aside from the wedding dress you are going to give to your bridesmaids, a scarf is one special item to hand out too. This is actually more useful than any formal dress because a scarf is worn whether the occasion is casual or not. Whatever the season of the wedding is, a scarf is still a great choice of gift for bridesmaids and maid of honor. They can accessorize their casual and formal dresses with this. For some unique bridesmaid gifts ideas, have their initials monogrammed on one side then the other side is the title bridesmaid or maid of honor.

A Makeup Kit

Most girls like to look and feel beautiful so what’s the better gift for them than to have a makeup kit. It has to be complete with two to three shades of lipsticks, a huge square of eye shadows, an eye liner, some fake eyelashes, mascara, a bottle of foundation or loose powder and others. All of these are absolutely unique bridesmaid gifts. Plus, girls can be girls with a complete makeup kit!

A Flip Flop

There are cute flip flops with “bridesmaid” written on them or first names of the bridesmaids. Either way, you may like to give your bridesmaids a pair each. This should be more selected if your wedding theme is about the beach or summer. They can use this at home or keep it as a souvenir which can remind them your friendship and the very special wedding they take part in.

An UmbrellaIt is also a fantastic idea to give each of your bridesmaids an umbrella. This is very useful during summer season, rainy days and even at winter months. You just have to choose an umbrella that can be customized and very feminine in style. The color must be also unique and girly so it is not just an ordinary umbrella but a keepsake.

A Basket of Bridesmaid Goodies

When you walk in to stores that sell personalized and unique bridesmaid gifts, you will see different kinds of items that you can pair up with to make a basket of goodies for all your girls. This may contain a tank top with the title “bridesmaid” on it, a pair of flip flops, a bottle of lotion and cologne. You can choose any items you want to put in the basket as long as it can give benefits and smile to your girl friends.

Take note that when you choose and buy gift items for all your selected bridesmaids and maid of honor make sure to look for unique bridesmaid gifts. They must be useful and beneficial in their regular activities or something they can keep and treasure forever. You will need a long time in making a decision in regards to what to buy. Wedding gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honor are not that difficult to find as there are lots of choices available. From the list of unique bridesmaid gifts above, you can surely decide easier and better now. Whatever you select, it must be an item that you can customize with the names of all your girls so they can receive it with gladness and appreciation.


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