Bride Gifts – Top Ten Choices for the Lovely Bride

It is very important to choose bride gifts that will make your friend or sister smile, feel special and loved. Consider the bride’s favorite, interests and likes when you select items. It must be something that can reflect her personality and meets her needs. Moreover, you give her the gift that makes the bride remember you and cherish your friendship for a lifetime. Even though the cost does not really matter, try to spend more than what you can normally afford because it is the effort and thoughtfulness you have that absolutely count. Nevertheless, there are ten good ideas of gift items that you can choose from that will show the true meaning of respect, friendship and love. Here are those ten great gift items for the bride that you can select from.
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1. Kitchen Utensils

Since the bride is going to be a housekeeper and a mother soon, a set of kitchen items is a wonderful gift for her. Whether she will have a work outside the house, there are still chores she needs to do when she’s at home. A lot of stores offer bride gifts that are very usable in home kitchen. It may be a set of wine glasses, a few bowls, some coffee mugs, a frying pan or maybe a stove with an oven. It will be a perfect item for her to start her married life if she has excellent kitchen and cooking tools to use for her husband, herself and future kids.

2. Furniture

Another essential and useful home item that you can give to the bride is furniture. This is not typical unlike other bride gifts because most furniture items are quite expensive. However, you can buy a sofa chair which she can use while spending extra time knitting her crochet products, reading her favorite books or chitchatting with her friends via phone. You can also just get a round table paired with two chairs perfect for the couple’s breakfast table. If you can give her a new bed with pillows, covers and blanket then it’s a great way for her to start her new stage of life with the most loving man she ever knew.

3. Honeymoon Trip

A trip for two to any destination within the country or somewhere around the world is also a good idea. She may have dreamed of going to Paris, swim at the well-known beach in the Caribbean or simply shop in Hong Kong. Although it sounds as if one of the expensive bride gifts you can ever shell out your money for, there are packages which you can get. You can purchase a honeymoon package that includes two round air tickets with hotel and tour included in a much affordable price. If you want to give the bride and her groom a trip but does not have to be so pricey, it is best to look for a cheap honeymoon trip package.

4. Monogrammed Handkerchief

Monogrammed items like a set of handkerchief are also an excellent option. Most of the famous bride gifts are those with monograms. And the perfect and most suitable item is a handkerchief. You can pick out her favorite color and have your personal message to her embedded on it. Do not forget to put her name and the title “bride” along with the wedding date. It must be a personal item that she can keep forever.

5. Picture Frame

A picture frame with some collage photos of the bride, with the groom and with you is also a favorite gift. This will be another choice of amazing gift that you can give to the bride. You can also opt to have a customized photo frame with engraved name of the bride or a short sweet message for her. It is a personal keepsake as it can remind her all the closest people who love her, adore her, embrace her and always be there for her.

6. Photo Album

Giving her a compilation of her pictures from being a little princess to a real bride is also a good idea. This is actually much better than a picture frame because you are able to put all of the memories the bride had throughout her life. You can buy bride gifts of a ready-made photo album or make one from scratch. If you make a scrapbook from cover to cover, the more chance for you to make it really special, original and memorable to her.

7. Book

If the bride likes to read novels, a book about written by her favorite author or about being a wife or a mother is one ideal gift too. It must be a book with contents that can inspire her, make her smile or laugh and give her some thoughts to ponder on. If possible, choose one of the timeless or current bestselling novels written worldwide. Make sure that you write something special on the first page or anywhere there is space for note writing.

8. Spa

Taking the bride to a spa for relaxation is becoming among the favorite bride gifts these modern days. It is also a nice idea to consider this option because you can help her feel comfortable and pampered despite the stressful preparation of her wedding. So, just pick a right spa that suits your budget and needs of the bride to get relaxation. You ensure to schedule this day when she has nothing to do but relax her body and mind.

9. Lingerie

You can also consider sexy lingerie that she can wear for her honeymoon or the first night of being a wife to her groom. She will surely find this funny and ideal at the same time. If you know her size, just get one that will make her look very sexy and beautiful. It is not difficult to find a good set of lingerie anyway.

10. Teddy Bear CoupleImage Source : Gazel

A bride and a groom teddy bear are very cute gift item you can get. These are not just considered as bride gifts but also groom gifts because you have to give the couple each one a teddy bear. Anyway, it is a great item to hand out to them because it is adorable to display in their room which can remind them of the vows they would make and the love they have for their lives.

Always remember that when it comes to wedding gifts for the bride always consider three things. Those are your financial resources, the bride’s taste and the perfect gift for a wedding occasion. Once you consider all these you can easily buy the right and perfect gift for her. Regardless of your relation to her, your gift counts and is cherished for a lifetime. The bride does not really think of the cost of her wedding gift but rather appreciate the kindness, the love and the thoughtfulness you are showing to her. But being one of the closest and most trusted friends, you must take an effort and pay out more than you can afford if possible when you look for a good bridal gift. So, with all those mentioned bride gifts above, you may surely have an easy and fun time picking.



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