The Dos and Don’ts of Designing a Wedding Website

So, the two of you decided to have a wedding website. Congratulations on being engaged, and also for choosing this option, because there are plenty of benefits. It is easy to inform your guests about what your plan is and for them it’s an advantage, too, as they won’t have to keep bothering and asking you about something. But you must first learn the dos and don’ts of building a website for wedding before you start working on one.

The Dos

1. Choose a Site Builder

The first thing to do is to select a website builder, obviously. You should both decide whether to opt for a paid hosting or free service. It is not too expensive to buy a domain and hosting, but why spend any dime when you can make a beautiful one without paying? The advantages of paid hosting to create websites are that you can have your own domain name and without ads.

2. Agree on the Elements and Details

The website needs contents, and each and every detail you put should be mutually decided. It has to be based on the theme of your wedding. So, the choice of color, background, and font must be related to the motif. The basic details that your website needs to have must include your names, the date, and the location of the wedding.

3. Include the How-You-Met and Registry Info

Every guest that you invite must know your love story. Well, not all and detailed, but at least they must be given a story of how it all started. Instead of telling that to everyone in person or to avoid being asked one by one, better share your stories in a summary form on the website. You can also add about how your engagement pulled off.

Once they knew your real story, for sure, they’d be just excited to buy you gifts. You can provide them a list of suggestions through your registry. This is another element of a wedding website that must be added. You only have to put the links of every item you wish to receive on that special day. If all the products are found in one online store, you can create a registry from that website and just link on your wedding page.

4. Make an Online RSVP

You can send personal invitations or mail save-the-date cards to all individuals you want to be present on your wedding. But, instead of responding you in a card form, they can use your wedding website to tell you that they are going to attend or just say congratulations but we won’t be able to come” for some reasons. This is an easier way for you to find out who is going and who won’t.

5. Add Photos and Video Clips

One other important content of a wedding site is the photos. Select a few of the best pre-nuptial or engagement photos you have and showcase them on your website. But not all photos should be professionally shot. Add some that are too personal, like the ones you have in your phones. Anyhow, photos make the page more beautiful. It will make your guests giggle and see the romance you have. You may also post a short video clip, perhaps a compilation of your directed sweet moments or a welcome message to your guests.

The Don’ts

1. Never Forget the Direction

You have given the address of the venue of your wedding ceremony and reception. That is a mandatory but ensure that a map is also posted on the website. Not all guests can first guess where the location is. So, save them some time and hassle by giving out a detailed information in regards to the direction of the wedding venue.

2. Don’t Skip Suggesting What Attire to Wear and Where to Stay

If you have guests from another town or region, provide a list of great and economic hotels where they can stay during the special event. This is also helpful for them as they won’t have to make a long list of choices. You can help them narrow it down.

In addition, the website page is how you can give out information on what you want and prefer. So, that includes the attire your guests need to wear. You may want them to wear a particular color or you have restrictions, such as no plain t-shirts and jeans.

3. Do Not Sell Products or Advertise Businesses

Online registry is expected on a wedding website, but selling particular products or intentionally advertising some business names or companies is not recommended. Don’t take the advantage of becoming an advertiser or a seller so you can have extra money you can use for the wedding. I don’t any guests would even tolerate that. The website must solely about your special day and nothing else.


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