Asian Wedding for Westerners – What, Where and How

It’s your dream to have Asian wedding ceremony and reception. And since you just recently engaged, you’re a few steps in making this dream come true. Perhaps, you have questions in mind regarding how to make that day special and wonderful. With Asian theme, it won’t be difficult to make this momentous event stunning and unforgettable.

Settle Down with a Theme

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Asians are generally referred to different cultures and background. There are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, India, etc. When you identify the various Asian cultures, you are able to see which theme is suitable for your wedding. You need to start thinking of the theme of the occasion in order to specify every detail of what you have to prepare.

Other than general cultural themes, Asian wedding includes specific concepts. You may select to have Chinese lantern theme, cherry blossom theme, or bamboo theme. These are some samples of particular themes that still pertain to Asian cultures.

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If not based on culture, the theme can be chosen due to religious beliefs from Asian practices and rituals. For instance, if you are Buddhists, you may select a wedding theme that symbolizes the belief and doctrine of Buddhism.

Pick the Appropriate Venue

As soon as you have a theme, you may start scouting for the right location where the ceremony and reception are held. For Asian cultural based themes, there is a wide range of venues to select. It may be in a hotel, a restaurant, a rooftop of a building, a garden, or one of the religious places, such as a church, a chapel or a temple.

Specify the Date and Time

There is no problem choosing the date and time of the wedding. Regardless of what Asian theme you select, both of these aspects can be easily finalized. Except if there are some rituals or traditions that you have to strictly follow, especially if you are engaged in one of the Asian religions.

For instance, a Japanese theme wedding usually takes place during spring, early fall or between fall and autumn. If it is a Chinese wedding, the date and time may be selected based on the Lunar calendar.

Arrange the Invitations

The invitations to give out may also vary depending on the chosen theme. Instead of the usual cards in envelopes, you may send fortune cookies, in which the note inside each cookie states the detail of your wedding from the schedule to location. This is just a sample of what you may think when making invitations for your guests.

Another great Asian themed wedding invitation idea is to use Japanese fans or small umbrellas. They can be also chosen as a way to print your wedding details when inviting people to be your guests.

You may also use the traditional invitation on a scroll. Just choose paper made of Asian wood and decorate it to look more cultural and referred to the theme you select.

There are just plenty of invitation ideas that you may create for Asian wedding. The examples given above are just a taste of the many choices available. So, be sure to select the right one that matches your wedding theme, and reflects your characters as couple.

Choose and Mix Decorations

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If there are many ideas to choose from with only the invitations, the more choices for the decorations. In any Asian wedding, you can use a variety of objects that can be glued on the posts, displayed on the walls, placed on tables, and hanged in the ceiling. What’s important the most when picking decors is to mix the right blend of colors. You must not confuse your wedding theme with mismatched colors of displays.

When it comes to lighting, it is an important element that can set the atmosphere and mood of the occasion. There should be a dramatic but beautiful effect of the lights, whether they are candles, lanterns, standard bulbs, lamps, or backlights. There must be a great balance between brightness and contrast.

Aside from lights, flowers are the common object that beautifies the wedding venue. A wedding won’t be decorated as is without flowers. However, you also have to be picky when selecting flowers. They need to be matched with the theme, motif and other decorations.

For other decorations, just simple go back to your theme and choose items that are related to it. That’s the reason why you must have a wedding theme in the first place. It helps you choose the right decors much easier and quicker.

Serve the Attractive and Delicious Dish

At the reception, the tables and meals are the main attraction. This aspect of wedding preparation must be also considered with seriousness. You must choose foods and beverages that do not only accentuate the tables and match the theme or decorations, but also satisfy the appetite of your attendees. Of course, they have to be Asian inspired dishes.

Dress the Best

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Do not forget the importance of the wedding dresses, too. The bride and the groom usually spend some of their money with their attire. That’s okay, but the bridal dress and the groom tuxedo have to be looking beautiful. They also need to match the kind of wedding you have, especially if you choose a more Asian cultural theme. Likewise, take good choices for the dresses of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and the bearers (ring bearer, contract bearer, and Bible bearer).

An Asian wedding is certainly one of the best and favorite choices by most people from the Western societies. Even if you do not have Asian blood, but if you are very much interested to tie the knot in cultural sense, an Asian-themed wedding is what you need. It is fun to prepare a great occasion like this, so enjoy every bit of your time planning and executing your dream wedding. Make sure that you follow the suggestions provided above. They can help you get more ideas of how you can make your special event a lot more memorable and unique.


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