10 Things the Mothers of the Bride and Groom Do Before the Wedding

The mothers of the couple are as excited as their children about the special day. They rejoice with the bride and the groom because they are also happy and proud of them. You can even guess just how they would react once the engagement is shared to them. You also expect them to help with the preparation phase. Most mothers of the bride and the groom are more than just willing to be of assistant. Here are 10 common things that they usually do before the day of the wedding.

1. Give a Special Treat to the Other Family


It is really nice to have a special dinner with both the families of the bride and the groom. This gives them a more formal pre-wedding meeting together. It may not be officially to discuss about the event, but a great way to spend some time together as in-laws. The couple will soon be a family, so it is just an ethical plan to have a lunch or dinner.

2. Take Their Children Out

This is most common to the mother of the bride. She wants to make sure that her daughter is still loved no matter what. It is actually a good idea to just spend the whole day as a mother and daughter or son’s moment. For the groom, it is usually the father who invites his son for a special day. But if you are a mom of the groom, you are not exempted of this suggestion.

3. Assist Financially

There is no mother who wants to see her kid marrying in less than a simple way. Even if they are financially independent and mature enough to take care about a lot of things, there is still that pure heart of a mom to help. Whether the couple needs extra or not, they are likely to give some donations that are useful for the wedding expenses.

4. Help the Bride Choose Her Dress


Another circumstance that mostly refers to the bride’s mother is to be of help in choosing the wedding dress. If she does not give her old gown that has been passed from one generation to another, it is usually a moment of mom and daughter bridal shopping. Just in case the mother of the bride has passed away, the groom’s mom can assist her instead.

5. Order Flowers and Foods


Some mothers are thorough when it comes to the flowers used in the bouquets, decorations and table centerpieces. They either help or suggest as to what kinds of flowers to use for the wedding. Even the selection of foods is sometimes based on what the mother has to say. Unless they are allergic to particular foods, however, mothers do not have the right to fully choose and disregard the couple’s decision.

6. Offer Other Suggestions

There are many things to do and prepare for a very extravagant and special occasion. Many mothers are creative and resourceful, especially that they have gone through the same process of preparing the wedding. So, they usually have great ideas to offer, too. Now, share what you think is best that the couple may consider. There may be particular family traditions that you can recommend to include on the day or during the pre-wedding parties.

7. Attend the Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Whether you are the mother of the bride or the groom, you are expected to be one of the few and special guests to be present. You need to cancer any appointment that occurs on the same day or time of this pre-wedding occasion. The bride will surely appreciate it a lot, especially if you are her mother.

8. Buy Gifts


Before you attend to the bridal shower, ensure that you have bought a gift exclusively for the bride. Other than that, shop for a brilliant product that the couple would love to have. You and your husband can talk about the gift to give for the couple.

9. Write a Speech

One of the important duties of every mother is to prepare her speech. This is usually delivered on the day of the wedding. Though there are weeks to prepare, it is always essential and helpful to start writing and practicing it in advance.

10. Prepare Yourself

Make sure that you also give time for yourself in preparation for the most wonderful day of your son or daughter. Have the time to go to the salon fixing your hair, getting a massage, and being pampered. That way, you’ll be so ready and beautiful for the wedding. This also gives you an opportunity to relieve stress as you would surely get that in helping the couple.

As a mother, there is nothing she feels than joy. You have to show that and let your daughter or son feels it. This will make your relationship a lot much stronger and makes them think you are the number one supporter.

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