Different Ways to Tell Parents that You Are Engaged

Planning your proposal is not easy, but hey, you already asked and she said, “Yes!” Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief…well, not quite. There is one more thing that you need to worry about and that is to tell your parents. Unless they already know, you need another phase of planning.

1. Visit the Parents in their House

Visit the house of the parents of the girl and make sure to schedule it in advance. It is more appropriate and respectful to proclaim the good news to them. The parents of the girl and the boyfriend should always be the first people to know about the engagement. You can either separate the meeting schedule or have both parents together at once.


While trying to start a conversation, breathe in and out to have the confidence you need. Make sure that the father and the mother are both present. You should be direct and straightforward, because a special and sudden meeting like this would make the parents think you are getting married. They would soon rejoice and prove that they “knew it!”

2. Make a Phone Call

Actually, this is the safest way to tell to both of your parents that you two are engaged. However, this is not enough so you have to follow up a personal talk with them whenever you can. It is only recommended to opt for this if your parents are living afar. If it requires you to fly, then you can share the great news via phone first..

3. Set a Special Dinner

Dinner usually involves conversation and this is another easy way to tell them that you are going to the knot soon. So, why don’t you try inviting both of your parents to have a dinner in one of the famous restaurants nearby? This way it would be a formal and wonderful time to tell it. Also, do not tell the other parents are coming to avoid suspecting engagement, and must be only after they’ve seen each other to realize it.

4. Take the Family Out for a Picnic

Wedding Engagement

Plan a picnic with both parents and other family members around. This would be a fun way to tell them all that you are going to be Mr. and Mrs. Right. The proclamation is a celebration, so you all would have great moments together, and it’s a start for your union as both of your families are getting along well.

5. Video Chat

Due to distance, announcing the engagement to your parents through Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Messenger, or MSN Messenger is a great idea. Whether you make regular chats with video or not, this is a good option of sharing that excitement.

6. Post on Social Networking Site

Another way to tell them that involves the use of the Internet is to post it online. Perhaps, you would want a candid picture of how you proposed to her. For sure, there will be lots of people who would give their congratulations and hundreds of likes. But to avoid making your parents the last person to know about it, just set the post or photo that is viewable by them. Tag them to give them notification and they’d see it firsthand as soon as they get online to check on their social networking site account.


Whatever option you and your fiancée have in mind, let your parents see your engagement ring. They need to see that sparkling, big rock of the ring. You must never fear to tell them about this because this is a serious matter that you cannot just hide from them. Do not worry about what they are going to say or how they would react. There must be no problem or issue if both of your parents have known your relationship and didn’t say anything wrong about it.

Wedding is the much awaited day for couples who are engaged. But planning it won’t be easy and started if the parents are still not aware of it. That is why you must make a decision to tell them so you can begin the process of preparing and planning for the very special occasion.

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