Ways to Avoid Wedding Crashers or Uninvited Guests

Preparing and paying all necessary things for your wedding are very stressful and serious matters. This kind of event is definitely expensive, as it requires you to spend money in everything. As much as possible, every dime spent has to be worth it.

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One of the biggest reasons why most engaged couples have problems with the finances is because of the number of guests to consider. It is much worse when there are people who are not cordially invited will join the party. We call them gate crashers and they are the ones most couples have to avoid.

Gate crashers in a wedding are not easy to be avoided sometimes. There are people who have thick skulls and over confident to show up even when they are not given invitations or permit to come. This can be really frustrating and considered disrespectful. That’s why there should be no extra people taking advantages of what you prepare for this wonderful event. Only those who deserve to see and enjoy every bit of the occasion must be the ones to consider.

What you need to do to avoid having uninvited guests crashing your own special occasion? Here are some tips to remember and follow if you like to keep your wedding private and exclusive to invited people only.

Specify the Number and Names of Guests to Invite

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The purpose behind the wedding invitations is to inform people who you want to celebrate with you. Those who are given invitations have the permit to attend the wedding. When you make a list of potential guests, you are identifying the men and women you like to invite. This is the simplest way to avoid wedding crashers. Once you have finalized the wedding guests list, it makes the official document that states the only people who are allowed to the special event.

Also, it is important to know if those invited guests are able to come. In Western countries like the US and Canada, wedding invitation cards have “RSVP” included. It suggests that every person you invite needs to respond to you if they can attend or not. This helps you adjust with what to do with all the preparation and how many people to expect.

Ask all Guests to Bring their Invitation Cards

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Before you send out the invitations, make sure you indicate that they need to bring the cards at the wedding. That must serve as their pass so they can enter. Also, assign some people before the start of the wedding to check on the list, so they can approve who must enter or join the celebration. In other words, without the invitation card or other pass required, no one is allowed to celebrate and attend the party.

In case there are invited guests who have lost or forgotten their invitations, you can make exception by presenting their IDs and check on the list if their names are written. Of course, if the people assigned to check know those people are invited, they can just simply let them attend.

Stamp the Hands

This is optional but can really help figure out who the invited guests are. The stamps on the hands make it easier for the caterers and ushers to recognize if they are just attendees or have special participation for the wedding. This also helps identify people who are not really invited. To make the stamps beautiful and relevant, use rubber stamps that match the theme or motif of the wedding.

Hire a Doorman and Post Securities

The easiest way to shove wedding crashers is to have some people with authority to do so. To avoid spoiling this special moment, you hire security agents who can post in the doors. Also, have a doorman who can open the door to the only people with permission to enter. Since most of the time the bride and groom have to concentrate on their own wedding, they won’t have the opportunity to check every guest or person who comes and goes. They also must not be distracted by uninvited guests, so assigning people to do this particular job is necessary.

Choose an Exclusively Enclosed Space

Another idea that you must consider for your wedding to avoid gate crashers is to select a venue that is enclosed. Take note that the more space your reception venue has the more unexpected guests to enter in. Outsiders may take the opportunity to have free lunch or dinner, and this is something the couple would never like. Plus, it is easier to control who comes in the venue if the location is closed.

Never Post Your Wedding Date and Time Online in Public

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Because this is the modern age, a lot of engaged couples make wedding websites and post their invitations in social networking sites. There is nothing wrong with that but be careful as this may be mistakenly interpreted and unwanted guests may think they are invited as well. What you need to do is to keep your online post private. This means those who are invited and expected to come must be the only people to read your posts.

All of these ways are very effective on how you can prevent having uninvited and unwanted people at your wedding. This special occasion is surely a gathering between family and close friends only. You have the right to not invite some people for personal reasons, and to keep that strict, the tips suggested above can be really helpful.


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