Maid of Honor Dresses – Most Frequently Asked Questions

The process of selecting maid of honor dresses is somewhat more intensive than what most people think. It has to be planned out ahead of time. The maid of honor dress must not be only beautiful. It has to be appropriate for the occasion that can match the theme and motif. It is not just about selecting random dresses without any basis at all. Women have to be very specific in choosing the dress for maid of honor. If you are the lucky principal bridesmaid, here are some pointers that you need to be aware of and remember following. We will answer some of the most frequently questions asked by girls like you in regards to choosing a maid of honor dress.

How Much is the Budget for the Dress?

One thing to plan out is the budget for getting this particular dress. You need to set a specific range of price of the dress. You stick to that amount so you can limit your search which is advantageous to you as you are able to narrow down your search. Remember that maid of honor dresses can vary from an affordable cost to a highly priced one. It is not healthy to over spend what you have allocated. That’s why it is strongly suggested to create a budget and follow that strictly. Also, do not forget to keep the bride in the loop. She needs to know how much to spend for your maid of honor dress. That can lead you to the next question, who is going to spend money for it?

Who is Going to Pay for the Dress?

Maid of honor dresses differ in price tags. Now, that you have settled the budget, you may wonder now who is responsible in shelling out money for it. This question depends upon the discretion and agreement of the bride and her chosen maid of honor. Traditionally speaking, the bride has to shoulder the dress her maid of honor is going to wear. Plus, it is non-ethical to choose someone as your maid of honor and let her pick out any dress on her own financial resources. The bride is already asking a favor and request from her best friend or closest sister so it there must be no question on who to pay for the dress. The maid of honor can only buy accessories and shoes from her own money. Again, this has to be agreed upon with the bride. This matter is easily figured out anyway since you have a great bond as friends or sisters.

What Kind of Dress to Select?

Like other attired, maid of honor dresses are designed in various ways from cuts to lengths, designs to colors and materials. There are general factors on how you can select the right dress you can wear as the maid of honor for the wedding. Let’s discuss each of them to have a better grasp of what you need to look for.

1. The Weather or Season

One factor that can help you narrow down your choices is the weather of the wedding day. You can easily predict what the climate or temperature would be based on the season. If it is a summer wedding, the weather is certainly going to be sunny and temperature is warm all day. If it takes place during the spring month, the climate is much better to deal with. For an autumn wedding, it is usually cold. Based on the season or weather, you can come up with the right and most suitable choices. There are maid of honor dresses for summer, spring and winter.

2. The Location

Another basic consideration of choosing the perfect attire for maid of honor is the venue of the ceremony and the reception. You must know the kind of maid of honor dresses to select from if the location takes place at a beach, in a church, or anywhere. There are dresses that are short which are suitable for beach weddings, while others are long which are more appropriate for marriage ceremony that happens in a hotel, restaurant or church.

3. The Theme

The theme of the wedding is also an important basis in selecting maid of honor dresses. Basically, you can have a hard time making a decision if you do not have the wedding theme. The color and style actually refer back to the theme. Once the bride has given you the theme then you can easily choose what color, design and style to search. The color of the maid of honor dress must be the same as the other bridesmaids’. In case the motif has two colors, like yellow and green, there can be a split to make. The bridesmaids may wear yellow dresses with some green accents and if so, the maid of honor dress has to be in full green that is only accessorized with yellow ribbon or anything that can add twist. Even if there is only a single color, most maid of honor dresses are different than the bridesmaids’ attire. This is to make her stand out and be noticeable as the maid of honor. In terms of style, it’s another difficult part for you perhaps. Some dresses are without straps or with straps. The neckline has to be also taken into account whether you go for sweetheart, jewel, V-shaped or square. You must not also forget the waist line design and hem line. Is the waist of the dress basque, natural or A-line s? Does it stretch down to the floor or until the knee only?

Which Fabric is Most Suitable to Use?

The material of the dress has to greatly be chosen according to the climate and theme of the wedding event. You wear a light dress if the weather is sunny and if not then you can have a much heavier fabric just to keep you warm. For instance, the material silk is not suitable for summer as it magnets to the skin and it can cause irritants and not good if you sweat. That is more beneficial if the wedding happens in a cold day in one of the fall or winter months. So, in choosing maid of honor dresses, check the best fabric that can provide comfort when you wear one.

What to Add to the Dress?

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Maid of honor dresses are not just worn as they are. Sometimes you need to be creative and stylish to add some beauty, accents and adornments. That being said, you get some accessories that you can put anywhere else. Of course, the jewels to wear like necklace, bracelet and earrings should be also considered. The pair of shoes has to be matched with the dress too.

The answers to most of the questions raised by maid of honor like you are provided above. Now that you know the solutions of finding maid of honor dresses, you just have to simply follow and consider them at the moment you start searching. With a plan and a list, you are able to choose the perfect dress that cannot give you difficulty in terms of managing time and spending money. Consequently, you will have more fun wearing and trying until you discover the right maid of honor dress for the special wedding.


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