Wedding Planning List – What You Need to Cover for the Big Event

It is a must to have a wedding planning list because this is how you can manage time, money and things to do. With all the countless things to prepare, this kind of list becomes handy and useful. It will help you sort out what to do since all the wedding duties and tasks are categorized as simple and difficult. You must handle all the right and proper way in order to push through a fantastic and memorable wedding. Here are the things you must list down and remember in preparing for the upcoming special event.

The Wedding Date and Venue

What’s on the first line on your wedding planning list is the date and the venue of the wedding. Choose the most suitable day and time you can exchange each other’s vow. This has to be set and finalized before you proceed to plan other things. You cannot just give any wedding invitations if the date is still tentative. It is not easy for your guests to schedule some appointments then make cancellations afterwards. Remember that they are busy and have their own personal agendas too.

The location where the ceremony and reception takes place has to be selected and written on the wedding planning list too. This may be a little bit hard to choose as you have to see the venue firsthand before you can make a final decision. Sometimes, the venue for the ceremony is different from the location of the reception. For instance, you have the plan to tie the knot in a church but the reception party has to be held in a luxury restaurant. That’s why you need planning and having a list to avoid chaos.

The Participants and Guests

The wedding planning list must also include the people with special participations. They include the traditional participants of the marriage ceremony which are the best man, the maid of honor, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, the flower girls, the ring bearer as well as the parents of the bride and the groom. They are the individuals who have big roles to make before and during the wedding. Another group of important people are those primary sponsors or witnesses of the event. They become the second parents of the bride and the groom upon tying the knot and uniting as one.

You need to name each one of your chosen wedding participants and prospect witnesses. Their names are needed when you send out invitations as well as when you make the wedding programme. With the wedding planning list, it is easier to trace their particular roles. The most important to have on the same list is the officiating minister. No bride and groom can make a legal marriage certificate without a legit person to pronounce them as husband and wife.

The Invitations

The cards to send to all wedding attendees are not just the invitations for the ceremony and reception. They also indicate the save the date cards for other pre-wedding parties like the bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner. The invitations must have reply cards to confirm how many people are able to come. You also include the location of the venues along with the date and time so they can attend on time and without being lost. It is also vital if you can prepare thank you cards which you can give after the wedding. You only have to categorize them as one facet on the wedding planning list.

The Attire

The wedding dresses are also essential to list down. These refer not only to the bridal gown and groom tuxedo. They also include the dresses for the maid of honor, the bridesmaids and flower girls. Along with those are the suits for the best man, the groomsmen and ring bearers. Of course, they must be complete attire with shoes and accessories. Do not forget on the wedding planning list to include the attire for the bride and groom’s parents. They have the biggest participations after all especially the father of the bride as he accompanies you in marching down the aisle and in giving you away to the groom.

The Decorations

What can flood your wedding planning list are the decorations to use and set up for the ceremony and reception. These items also include the accessories to use for the marriage rite like the veil, candles, flower girl baskets, and pillow of the ring bearer. There are just so many things to write down on this matter. One of the most important things is the flowers for the bouquets and decorations. You need to select a good floral shop or florist that can provide you all the needed beautiful flowers. You must be able to put them on documents so when you order you can just rely on the list. It helps you save time and avoid making any mistake.

The Music

Music has a great part in making the wedding more beautiful. The bride has to march with a song particularly for her. During the reception, there will be marrying and dancing so a couple of songs are needed to play. You must then make sure your wedding planning list includes the DJ, musicians or band to provide the perfect songs. You will be reminded to look for the best music providers, compare charges and book them with your scheduled wedding. The party does start when the music begins playing.

The Foods

Of course, a special occasion like the wedding is not completed without foods. You must list down also the menus or cuisines that you want to serve for all of your guests. The foods to add on the wedding planning list include the tall, beautiful and tasty looking wedding cake. That’s not all; you have to give your wedding attendees some treats or favors that look presentable too. In serving foods, it is best if they are prepared by one of the best and most trusted food catering services companies in your area. Again, you have to seek and compare not only the services but also the prices to come up with the best choice.

The Stylists, Photographers, and Videographers

There are more people to add on the wedding planning list. They are the makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers and videographers. There could be others too but these particular individuals can help make the best moments of your wedding. That’s why you need to select from the best in town or if possible in the whole country. Do not ignore suggestions and recommendations from your loved ones. They surely know some great hair dressers, photographers, etc. which you must consider.

Everything that has to be on the wedding planning list is an important consideration. If you miss something that is very crucial in making the wedding possible and successful, it is likely to become perfect. So, if you desire a wedding occasion that is memorable and spectacular, it is a must to prepare with a list. This is the best guide and reminder that you and your partner need to make your dream wedding come true. The point here is that do not start to plan anything yet unless you make the list of what you have to accomplish and do.


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