101 Wedding Tips for the Bride and the Groom

A wedding does not have to be expensive or extravagant. It is more than the amount that values the more. Basically, all you have to think about is your partner and the lifelong commitment you both are going to make. As you prepare for that day to come, learning tips and suggestions that help you plan smoothly and stress-free is a must. Here are things that you need to know.

Choosing right wedding theme – actually, there are plenty of amazing and interesting wedding themes that you can adapt and those thyme maybe old, new, and borrowed or something blue. Did you know that blue is the color of the royalty? If you want to make your wedding to be royal as the said world most expensive wedding of the year choose blue in your wedding theme.

Wedding Ring

Engagement ring and wedding ring are almost similar, and probably you might think they are the same, but they differ at some point. Engagement ring is only given to the bride, while wedding ring is what you give to your future spouse, and you get an exchange at the same time. They are the rings that symbolize the love, unity and commitment between two people who are in love with each other.

You can find different kinds of wedding rings from a variety of stones, patterns, signature or brand names, and costs. If you are wondering what kind of stone is more suitable, you can consider the birth stones of one another. Also, it is a help to check your budget in buying a pair of wedding rings.

Wedding Attire

White dress for the bride and black suit for groom are traditionally the types of attire worn for many years. As of these days, couple can wear any color for their attire. You may want to wear a bridal gown in white with a blend of other colors like yellow, pink and red. Perhaps, you may want to wear all black dress instead.

For grooms, the attire may be also in white, gray, blue and other colors. It all comes to the theme of the wedding event. Whatever you prefer, choose the right wedding dresses that meet your budget, personal taste of style, color, size, and fabric.

Wedding Cake

Cake has an important part on a wedding occasion. The slicing of the cake has been a practice in many countries around the world in many centuries. Like how you select a wedding dress or a ring, you also have to do the same when ordering a cake. With all the many colors, styles, designs, number of layers, and flavors, make a choice that is more personally based.


Where you will hold the ceremony and reception is also important to think about and plan for. The place has to be a great location for making your wedding beautiful. You need to make sure that you have the right venue.

Honeymoon Destination

Another exciting part regarding wedding is the honeymoon. It is the first night of being married together. You certainly want to assure you will have the best time. That’s why you carefully select the right location for your honeymoon, too. Who wouldn’t want a few days off where you can unwind, drink glasses of wine and take a slice of cheese with the love of your life?

In terms of wedding preparation, it is a serious matter that is not easily talked about overnight. You need to be careful and manageable in deciding and making choices on how to have a great wedding. Whatever you need, it always depends on what is best for the both of you.


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