12 Ideal Gifts for Bridesmaids from the Bride

To be a bridesmaid on a wedding is a privilege and a wonderful experience. Usually, women who are chosen as bridesmaids are siblings and closest friend of the bride. In your case, this is absolutely right. Now that you have a list of your own bridesmaids, have you decided what to give to each one of them?

Each and every bridesmaid has jobs, which can give them headache, stress and body pain. But this should not be the reason why you have them baskets filled with beauty products or boxes of jewelry wrapped glamorously. You just have to make them really feel special and appreciated.

Bridesmaid gift does not have to be expensive anyway, just a token that these ladies will always cherish for many years. For sure, you want them to remember their wonderful experience as they have special parts on your most special day. That said, here are ideal gifts you can choose from for each of your girl friends.

1. Bridesmaid Loungewear

Bridesmaids represent being feminine, so why not give them a loungewear each. This kind of product can be personalized by having their names and the title “bridesmaid” or “bridesmaid of ____ (your name) monogrammed.

2. A Pair of Earrings, a Bracelet or a Necklace

Jewelry is also about being girls. This is absolutely a nice and ideal gift for each of your bridesmaids. They can all wear it on your wedding for you, but then keep it to themselves as souvenir. You can give them a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, or a complete set.

3. Jewelry Box

An enchanting box for jewelry items is not a bad option, too. Pick the most beautiful and glamorous jewelry boxes out there. It would be nice to add your picture with your bridesmaids for a better way of remembering you, their experience as bridesmaids, and your wonderful wedding.

4. Spa Gift Certificate

A nice, relaxing treat for your girls is one way to show your appreciation. This may not last for a lifetime, but to worth them an hour or two off to hang out together is something worth remembering. Great moments together are more precious than the amount of the gift certificate you are giving.

5. Beauty Products

A bottle of lotion, fragrance, and shower gel are some of the common beauty products for women. As of these days, these items are good choices to hand out to bridesmaids. Put them in a beautiful basket, a stylish box or a purse to make it more presentable.

6. Cooking and Baking Recipe Book

A list of recipes for different foods is another ideal gift for bridesmaids. You know your friends better than other people, so if most of them love to cook, they will appreciate this a lot.

7. Personalized Bath Robe

Bath robes that are customized are trendy these days. They make good gifts for every bridesmaid of your wedding. Make them feel more special by having their first names embedded on the fabric material.

8. Purse

There are floral designed handbags, glittery purse and plain ones. In fact, the list is endless and you have to pick! It does not matter what you select, because this just means you have a lot of chances to give out some to your girl friends.

9. Workout Attire

Probably, more than one of your bridesmaids regularly visit the gym or take time to jog outside. If so, give them more motivation by packing a pair of gym attire for each of them. This will surely work out!

10. Photo Frame

Whether customized or not, a picture frame makes on the top list of bridesmaid gifts, too. You can wrap a photo frame without or with pictures. If you ask me, I’d put on a candid photograph of the bride with her bridesmaids, either by group or individual.

11. Photo Album

An item filled with many memories is much better than just a photo frame. That means a picture album would be more interesting to hand out to each and every bridesmaid. They will not just remember your beautiful wedding, but every moment you spend together throughout the years.

12. Coffee Mug

One last choice for you to think about is a coffee mug. This is an inexpensive item, but makes a perfect gift for bridesmaids. You can have the option to customize this particular item, too. It is what makes it very interesting to give to your friends.

These items as bridesmaid gifts are certainly great choices. Your basis of choosing the ideal or perfect gift item for each one of them must include their personal needs and interest. Other than that, it must also be according to your budget, and how you will make them feel special. Since you have a list of good gift choices, it’s time to start deciding you can have fun shopping!


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