Make The Newlyweds Smile with Personalized Wedding Gifts

A wedding is one of the happiest occasions that can happen in a person’s life. Therefore, it is not surprising that families and friends put so much time and effort to make this event truly special and memorable.  If you have been invited to attend a wedding, perhaps you are already thinking about the perfect gift you can give to the newlyweds.  Some people prefer to give personalized wedding gifts to make sure that their present would be one of a kind.Nowadays, searching for gift ideas is a lot easier when done over the internet.

The internet is a great tool that you can use with your search.  For instance, you can check out online wedding stores that specially offer customized or made-to-order items.  You can usually request for a custom-made item straight from the shop’s website simply by filling-out the online order form and specifying the necessary details.

For example, you may have the couple’s names and wedding date printed, engraved or embroidered on the item along with your personal message.  You can ask for a particular color, size, and design to match the motif of the wedding.  You can also pick out the packaging or the gift wrapping style that you want.

Needless to say, how expensive or affordable the price of the gift you order will depend on your preferences.  Because some designs are more intricate or are more difficult to create than others, some items are bound to be more costly.  Now if you’re looking for cheap personalized wedding gifts, see to it that the quality of the item is not compromised because of the cheap price.

Aside from visiting gift shops from the internet, where else can you find unique, wedding gift ideas?  One way is to check out the couple’s wedding registry.  Many engaged couples create their own website which is exclusively dedicated for their up-coming nuptial.  Guests who have been invited to the wedding can conveniently view all the information they need about the occasion.

From the couple’s wedding site, go to the wedding registry page where you can find the couple’s wish list.  By checking out this page, you can be sure that you will be able to give the exact gift the bride and the groom wishes for.  Yet, what if the couple did not create such a website?  In this case, it pays to do a little research.

If you’re not sure as to what present would be best to give, you can ask family members or a few close friends of the couple for some ideas.  Perhaps the bride or the groom has mentioned a particular thing that they want for their new home.  You may jot down the possible choices so you can choose to buy the gift that fits your budget.

Common Wedding Gifts that Can Be Personalized

Many things can be personalized simply by having the couple’s names or monograms, the wedding date, and your personal message printed, engraved, or embroidered on the item.  The most common items purchased as wedding gifts in the market are photo frames, digital picture frames, photo albums, blankets, bed sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, home decorations, furniture, gadgets and kitchen appliances.  In fact, practically anything can be customized these days.  The only limit is your imagination.

What about gift certificates or gift cards?  You can choose to give a gift card that the couple can use to shop from different stores or from just one particular store.   You may also give the bride and groom a gift certificate that they can use to enjoy a luxurious experience such as a body massage and spa treatment for two or a honeymoon package in a five-star hotel.  If money is not a problem, you can also send the couple an all-expense paid-trip getaway package to a fantastic honeymoon destination!

Yes, gift cards are increasingly becoming popular not just for weddings but for other occasions as well.  The reason for this is that many people find that a gift card is an excellent offering because the recipient has the privilege to buy the exact item he/she wants.  Nevertheless, not everyone feels comfortable with this idea.  For some people, the traditional way of giving wedding gifts is still more expressive and meaningful.

Tips to Remember When Giving Personalized Wedding Gifts

Do you want to give something that will leave a lasting impression to the couple?  Consider these practical points to remember:

Spell the bride and groom’s name correctly–  If you want to have the couple’s names printed, embroidered or engraved on your chosen gift, see to it that their names are spelled correctly.  Double-check the spelling when you fill out your order request from the shop.

Do comparison shopping–  Check out the price ranges first and compare various deals to make sure that you will not be wasting money.  Take note that different merchants may sell the same item at different prices.  You can use comparison shopping tools online to make the task much easier for you.

Go for handmade–  Have you thought about giving the newlyweds a handmade gift? Why not! Handmade is often synonymous for items that are unique, authentic, beautiful and of high-quality.  Today, there are websites that particularly cater to sellers and buyers of handmade things.  Visit these sites and you’ll surely find many wonderful choices.  Best of all, a lot of these handmade sellers are dedicated to their craft and offer their creations at reasonable prices.

How about putting together a scrapbook of the couple’s wedding memories? Bring your own camera and take some photos on their wedding day and put them together after the big day.  Don’t forget to embellish their scrapbook with the most important mementos of their wedding such as their invitation and save-the-date card.  You may need to hand over this gift a few days or a week after the celebration but you can be sure that the bride and groom would love your surprise.

Think about your budget-  Surely, you want to give something that will make the couple happy.  However, you should not forget to consider your finances.  Be realistic!  Can you really afford to buy that item?  If you plan to charge it to your credit, are you sure you will be able to pay off your balance on time?  See to it that you will not get into debt trouble just because you are too embarrassed to give an inexpensive wedding gift.

Give something you personally made– If you’re short on cash, here is a practical solution. Instead of purchasing readily-made personalized wedding gifts for bride and groom, you may also give the couple a gift that you created yourself.

Are you an artist?  If so, perhaps you can give them a portrait or a painting to decorate the walls of their new home.  Are you a photographer or someone who is passionate about photography?  Why not volunteer to do their engagement photos and surprise them with a framed photograph of a shot from their engagement session?  Nothing gets as personalized as offering your time and energy to make someone smile

It’s still the thought that counts-  Last but not least, remember that gifts do not have to be expensive in order to be special or appreciated.  If you can give something that complements the couple’s lifestyle and beliefs, your gift will surely be a lot more appreciated.  It can be a simple blanket that bears the couple’s monograms or a set of the couple’s favorite movies in DVD.  What matters most is the thought that you put into it.


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