Church Wedding Decorations – From the Ceremony to the Reception

Church wedding decorations are a traditional type of decorations that are still common until now. A lot of couples still exchange their vows and tie the knot in a church of their choice. For your wedding wherein the ceremony takes place in a church, it is essential that you know the kinds of decorations to use for the particular place. Fortunately, whatever you need for the church decorations for your wedding are covered by this article. Here are some church wedding decoration ideas and tips that you need to concentrate on before you begin listing down all the things you have to prepare.Image Source : Nikilok

Overview: Reminders and Cautions

A church wedding is sacred, beautiful and somewhat vintage. That’s why the most appropriate church wedding decorations to use are ribbons, laces, crystals, candles and, as usual, real fresh flowers. You can add other types of decorations that fit to the kind of theme and venue. However, do not use others that can give a wrong connotation toward the church. For example, the use of ribbons are quite more suitable for party events like the reception so this specific item should not be found anywhere in the church. There is solemnity and peace during the marriage ceremony in a church. Therefore, the wedding decorations for church have to be a reflection of purity, peace and sanctification. This is one very important thing you have to remember when you decorate the church for the ceremonial part of the special wedding.

Wedding attendees are very observant during an event like this. In fact, most of them would make comments afterwards. You receive either good or bad comments but as far as you are concerned, you want everybody to enjoy the special occasion and leave positive comments and inspiring remarks. When you think of the different church wedding decorations to use, make sure that you put yourself in the shoes of those expected guests. This will enable you to determine if they will make a good catch and attention to your family and friends.

Parts of the Church to Decorate

When it comes to church wedding decoration ideas, you must know where to put and how to use the right decorations. At a church wedding, the most common parts where decorations are displayed are the pews, the aisle, the altar, the church door and entry, and sometimes the ceiling. There are no tables, except the ones at the altar and in front of the church door, neither individual chairs. You may think that you only have a few church wedding decorations to take care of. Well, it sounds like it but do not feel too confident yet because it depends on how wide or large the church is, how many pews are there, etc.

1. The Entrance and Doorway

Wedding decorations for church entry way have to be eye-catching. At the moment the guests hopped out of their cars and reach the church front, their jaw must be dropped and eyes open wide in amazement. What this means is that what you put on the entry way and door of the church should make them have an instant good remark of how beautiful it has been. The common décors to see are laces and ribbons on the side of every door and some flowers added on them. Remember that you must not over-decorate this place because it has to be accentuated in light décors only. As expected, there must not be any obstacle on the doorway because that’s where everyone has to enter. Not to mention, that’s the same path the bride has to pass through during her bridal march. This has to be covered in white sheet with another red sheet underneath it. When the bride walks down the aisle, the sheet has to be white as this is the most significant symbol of wedding. When the bride and groom are officially announced as husband and wife, that’s the time the white sheet has to be removed and the red one comes up where they would walk on to as they exit from the church.

2. The PewsImage Source : Hoyasmeg

Any wedding at a church is not beautified without decorations on the pews. Most people can already picture how church wedding decorations for pews would look like. There are ribbons and laces attached the side of one pew to another, actually from the first to the last pew. In most cases, these are set up on the sides of the. There has to be flowers also which have to be stuck in a long vase.

3. The Altar

The kind of decorations to use for the altar depends on the denomination. In a Catholic church, there is restriction on what to use. Most of the time you see the holy images and items you usually see on a Sunday mass. The only possible décors to use are flowers, laces and ribbons. Non-catholic groups like Pentecost, Baptist and are more flexible and open in terms of the church wedding decorations to display at the altar and in the entire stage. There can be letterings that say “wedlock” and the names of the couple.

4. The CeilingThere are churches with low ceilings. If the chosen church has a low ceiling which means reachable by the use of ladder, then you can consider using some church wedding decorations for that particular part too. You may like to add more glimmering items, hanging flowers or ribbons and laces.

Remember that church wedding decorations are not the only ones to think about and prepare for. There are also other items and décors to use at the reception party. As a matter of fact, the number of decorations to set up is doubled or probably tripled more. Even though the decorations at the church are not as much as the reception is you still have to give seriousness and significance to create a good ambiance. That’s the same principle you must apply when you decorate the reception.


When you select the kinds of church wedding decorations to use, do an estimate. You must get a quote of how much to spend for this matter. The wedding expense can have a large number of percentage just on the decorations alone. You need to be practical and wise enough to shell out the budget for this aspect. If possible, choose cheap and recycled materials that you can use to create decorations and set up the wedding in a very artistic way. Instead of ribbons that you can buy in a very expensive price, you may use scratches of clothes of the same colors then just make them into long, thin strips to come up with a much cheaper idea.Image Source : Borja Fernández

Now that you learn essential church wedding decoration ideas, you assign some people to help you out with this to make your dream wedding ambiance possible. It is not easy to decorate because it takes a lot of time and effort to complete everything. You must be able to manage all things that need to be worked out. The last thing to remember is to have fun and do not let stress ruin the good mood that you must have in decorating the church.


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