Top 8 Wedding Dresses of the Year

Every woman has their own dream dresses for their wedding. As a matter of fact, it is every woman’s dream to get married while donning their most beautiful and captivating wedding dress. While fashion changes every time and new trends are introduced within a year, it won’t be difficult to find the ideal wedding dress. You are probably at the peak of your search of the best gown that you can wear for your own very special moment. As long as you are decisive and knowledgeable of the basics, discovering the wedding dress is fun.

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Wedding theme, color, style or design, fabric and size are the primary elements of a wedding dress. Sketching your ideal wedding dress is a great help. So, the only thing that you need to do is visit a designer or a producer of wedding gowns and have arrangement of the dream wedding dress you want to wear. It is also possible to make a research from different boutiques and online stores where you can buy a ready-made dress. This makes it easier if you can only concentrate on the design and size. Whatever your taste is, always combine your budget and your personality. Those are the tricks that can help you look naturally stunning despite the cuts, lengths and style of the dress. And as far as fashion is concerned, it is always a trend to follow the latest and hottest wedding dresses. With that said, here is a list of this year’s best wedding dresses you can select from.

1. Touch of Black Wedding Dress

Plain white wedding dress is very common since the early centuries. Today, it is already welcome to add a touch of another color. The best shade that can accentuate and beautify the white hue is black. It is actually common nowadays to add that color for wedding dresses, regardless of the style. It makes it suitable for any types from formal to semiformal, and casual to semi-casual. White and black colors of wedding dresses for men are also easy to match. Other than that, it is not difficult to find wedding accessories and shows for black and white wedding dress.

2. Tiered-Skirt Wedding Dress

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This is a style that’s right for a fairytale wedding theme. A tiered-skirt wedding gown is also called a cupcake or fairy-look gown. It is a dress for a bride that is basically created with different layers on the bottom part, called skirt, of a wedding dress. The tiers may be in various kinds of fabrics too. This is a great dress for a woman who has short legs, as the layers are extended up to the floor, which make her look like taller.

3. Asymmetrical Wedding Dress

Asymmetrical dresses were very popular during the 80s. This is the design that is made to be simple and conservative yet has its own flavor elegance. Fashion sometimes revises the traditional and old fashioned designs. With the new asymmetrical bridal dresses, many modern women would love to have the experience of what’s it likes to be an 80s bride. Don’t worry because you won’t look very 80s. Most of the dresses of this style are modernized so the preference of most women is still there. In fact, there are many necklines, materials and upper styles to select from. You can still have the romantic neckline asymmetrical dress, one-strap asymmetrical dress or halter asymmetrical dress.

4. Mermaid- Style Wedding Dress

A mermaid style bridal gown is one of the hottest trends of wedding dresses these days. Many women are choosing this kind of style because of the sexy curve of the dress from the waist to the thighs. That style also does not restrict the kind of neckline designed on a dress. There is plain strapless, romantic, V-neck, with straps, one-strap, etc. Because of that, there’s nothing to wonder why mermaid wedding dress never runs out in the choice list. This kind of style is perfect for brides with great curves as they emphasize their body shape.

5. A Wedding Dress with Splashes of Color

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A white bridal dress with some splashes of color is another choice which is listed on the top best wedding dresses of the year. Other colors beside white may be designed on the upper part of the dress, sides, or underneath the tiers. The most popular choices of color are red, orange, green, and pink. It is also possible to select two or more colors but the choice of other shades actually depends on the wedding theme or motif.

6. A Wedding Dress Detailed with Flowers, Feathers and Bows

A bridal gown can be accented with details such as bots, flowers and features in each edge and side of the dress, the waistline and even on the shoulder strap. Wherever you prefer to put these stunning details, if this is the style of dress you wear, ensure to have some for the hair too. This is a very classy design that would provide unique attraction to a woman who wears it on her most special, wedding day.

7. Plunging V-Line Wedding Dress

Many find this design highlighting or emphasizing the delicate lines of the neck, collarbone and small back of a woman. Overall, it makes the bride look fashionable and pretty no matter how simple the style and details are. This is a good neckline of a dress for women who have something to be proud of.

8. Metallic Wedding Dress

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If the color scheme includes silver, gray, black, bronze and gold, this kind of wedding dress is the ideal style to select. It showcases a fierce style that can make any bride look more confident, sexy and beautiful. This can imply that a bride may go for non-white colored dress. She can have bronze, silver or gold wedding dress.

When it comes to wedding dresses, consider your exact body shape and size as well as your comfort and budget. The details are as important as the price tag and size too. You have to combine all those elements in finding or choosing the right wedding dress. Once you consider these things you are able to find your ideal bridal dress or most dreamed wedding gown for your very own wedding day. In addition, have enough time to search because it is a process to find the right wedding dress. You would certainly have a list of many great choices and that can consume a lot of time. Therefore, make this as a big task for your part. Besides, you want to look stunning and, if possible, the most beautiful bride you could ever be.


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