Vegas Wedding – What’s Good About It

Is it your dream to get married in Vegas? It is certainly a fantasy of many men and women, or couples, around the world to tie the knot in this beautiful, magical and famous city in the state of Nevada. To give you more excitement, here are some things you may need to know about wedding in Vegas.

Extravagant and Expensive

Because this concept of wedding is extraordinary, the price can really make your jaw drop. But this must not make you feel disappointed. There are options and alternative ways on how you can reduce the high cost of wedding services in Vegas.

There are packages that are offered as low as about $30. It is a simple type of ceremony and definitely very quick. If you are in a hurry to get married, this should be an excellent solution! For those who like to marry in Vegas because of the extravagance of it, it may be worth it to pay for as high as $20,000 to $30,000. If the cheapest pictures a minister sitting in his disk as he marries you for like 3 minutes, the expensive option is not an hour long, too. So, choose wisely when it comes to the fee, because you may be surprised how little the difference is in terms of the service.


It is not strict and difficult to get married in Las Vegas. The requirements are pretty basic, as you only need an identification (ID), a social security number, and money. These three things will help you get a marriage license. Unlike the traditional and popular way of marrying, you can wear about anything you want, too. There is no need to have bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and a ring bearer to complete the ceremony. Unless you want some people to witness this joyous occasion, it is not really expensive for your part, especially if you choose one of the cheap service options.

The date and time also give you a reason to why choose Vegas for your wedding. It is like a slot in which it gives you the opportunity to get married at anytime and any day or month of the year. The only problem is conflict when there is another couple who has the same schedule. Yet, that is rare, so it must not post a problem. In addition, the wedding services here were formerly open 24/7 but law changes it. That is one thing you need to know, so you won’t schedule about getting married after midnight.

Advanced Planning

One great way to lower your dream Vegas wedding expenses is to plan ahead of time. This provides you enough time to search for discounts and promos. Many available wedding packages are offered in discounts that are promoted like months before the given date. Even if you choose to marry on special holidays like Valentine’s Day, if you are lucky to get discounts, that’s not bad at all.

Many Choices

You won’t have any problem selecting where to tie the knot in Las Vegas. There are lots of venues where you can make this dream come true. As part of the tourism program, wedding venues and services here are very common. Here are some of the best choices that you can consider if you prefer getting married in this entertainment capital.

1. Caesars Palace

One of the popular wedding chapels in the city is Caesars Palace. It is due to the beautiful venue with great services, including planning the ceremony.

2. Imperial Palace Wedding Chapel

This chapel features 2 stunning chandeliers with comfortable furnishings and in-built video cameras. You can book one of their 2 chapels offered.

3. Graceland Wedding Chapel

Located in the Las Vegas Strip, this chapel is among the favorite venue for wedding. It has been running for more than 50 years, probably because of their excellent services.

4. Riviera Wedding Chapel

This chapel also offers magical design and satisfying services for wedding ceremony. It is chosen by couples who want or prefer real quick “I dos”.

5. Wedding Bells Chapel

Wedding Bells Chapel is also in the Las Vegas Strip. It has unique services that can make couples dream wedding come to life.

6. Victoria’s Wedding Chapel

The highlight of this chapel is the 3 circular tier alter and Victorian-inspired decors. It is like a wedding in a real palace.

7. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Among the most extravagant wedding services is offered in Viva Las Vegas. Couples can select themes and types of ceremonies from indoor to outdoor. In fact, it is here where the common “Elvis” weddings are held.

8. Sahara Weddings

Situated in the Sahara Hotel, this chapel offers great wedding services, too. That is if you are not in a hurry to tie the knot. They provide traditional small wedding for engaged couples.

9. Vegas Wedding Chapel

If you like an Italian background, Vegas Wedding Chapel is the right place. There is Flowering Fountain that makes the occasion more romantic and beautiful for couples.

10. Chapel of the Bells

Another wedding chapel that has been continuously going for many years is Chapel of the Bells. Surely, it offers good services that can make the dream wedding of many couples memorable.

11. Wee Kirk O the Heather Wedding Chapel

Do not forget the wonderful chapel of the “Original Wedding Chapel”. This does not only offer traditional and romantic wedding services, but also modern ceremonies.

12. Little Chapel of the Flowers

For a simple setting but romantic and beautiful, Little Chapel of the Flowers can guarantee you your best wedding. It is also a good choice to get married here for their excellent services.

Right now, maybe you cannot wait to tie the knot with the love of your life, knowing there are good things about weddings in Las Vegas. If you are more excited now than a few minutes ago, it is certainly a sign that you have to start planning your dream wedding and make it happen!


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