5 Traditional and Romantic Ways to Propose Marriage

Are you planning to pop up the biggest question to your most beloved girl? Well, there are many ideal options of marriage proposal that can leave her speechless. Like most men, I’m sure you want to opt for a very romantic way of asking your future wife. As for many girls, the proposal is the next, big most awaited moment they look forward to, since the time they realized they love their men. The obvious secret they mostly have is to be surprised during the proposal. So, your goal is to make your wedding proposal the best you both won’t ever forget. Here are five romantic ways, which have been practiced for several years, on how you can propose to your girlfriend.

1. Expensive Dinner Date

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Do you remember just how men in movies and TV shows propose to their love interests? In most settings, they are in a restaurant, and while eating or during the dessert, the guy would ask her woman to marry her. You can make your own movie too by doing the same traditional way of proposing to your dream girl. You may have the ring on her favorite chocolate cake, or try a much different idea, such as having a marriage proposal printed on the bill. You can actually make a joke of it by inviting your woman to this special and exclusive restaurant, and jokingly tell her to pay the bill, but your goal is for her to read what’s in it, which is the question, “Will you marry me?”.

2. Special Gathering with Family and Close Friends

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From Thanksgiving to Christmas, you can choose a family affair to ask the most important question. This ensures that both of your family, and some friends, are there to witness a wonderful moment. Believe me, women like to be the center of attention, so whether it is a birthday of her grandmother, or the 50th wedding anniversary of her parents, she would feel like the star of the event.

3. On the Screen

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Asking your girlfriend to watch some of the newest movies in theatre is probably just a casual thing for her. Little does she know that it will be one of the most unforgettable times she’ll ever encounter her entire life. You need to coordinate with the people, including the manager, working in the cinema theatre and ask for their help to make this big proposal successful.

If you cannot pull out a stunt like that, you may rent a movie theatre and watch at home, but make sure there is a part where you ask her to marry you. You may edit one of her favorite movies and have yourself giving a line or two, in order to reveal your true intention. Whether you are just alone together, she may still find it to be romantic. If you want the loud cheers and instant congratulations from your family and friends, you may just set up a surprise movie proposal moment.

4. A Surprise Visit at Her Workplace

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It is not a special day and definitely not the time she gets promoted, but send her a flower bouquet anyway. However, do not write your proposal on the card, but rather give the flowers yourself and kneel down to ask her. Whatever her position is, if you get permission from the boss and you have the approval, you can certainly surprise her. She may still be the same ordinary employee where she’s working, but absolutely not “just-the-girlfriend” type anymore, but your fiancée.

5. At a Sports Game

Do both of you love to watch live sports game? Maybe, the next time you go to the basketball arena or baseball field is going to be the most special. You can ask help from the staff and director of the sports venue to have a public marriage proposal. There are other ideas on how you can pop the question while in a game. The idea there is that you will have lots of witnesses from people you do not know, but still you will feel like the famous people in the place for a few minutes. She’ll surely like that kind of thought as well.

These marriage proposal ideas are traditional and common ideas but still romantic in their own ways. You may put some twist and modernity if you want your proposal to be a little bit unique and more exciting.

It is very important to find a romantic venue where you can say the important words “Will you be my wife?” or “Will you spend the rest of your life with me for better or for worse?”. When you say romantic words like that in a place that is wonderful at an unexpected time, it can surely capture the heart of your one true love.


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