Love Speech of the Groom – Creating a Beautiful Wedding Speech

The love speech of the groom is one of the two most important speeches on a wedding. This is something the groom should not forget to prepare, and the moment the bride doesn’t want to miss to hear on her special day. Other people in the audience also look forward to witnessing the delivery of the groom speech. In other words, there is more than just the bride who has to listen to your romantic message and thanksgiving.

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There’s no doubt about the fact that the speech is among those much awaited moments of a wedding. Considered as a special event, a wedding happens when the bride and the groom unite as one in front of their loved ones. It is a formal and traditional way of celebrating the love between a man and his woman. So, the delivery of the speech by each celebrant is very suitable to give on the wedding day. Thus, the love speech of the groom is a special message that should be heard during the reception.

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The love speech of the groom should be romantic, but not too much emotional. This kind of wedding speech is particularly addressed to the bride. Yet, it is also the opportunity to acknowledge some people for other things. This is the best time for the groom to thank the entire guests for their presence and support. It is also when he recognizes his own parents.

There are many ways to make your wedding speech beautiful. One of these is to be at yourself. Just have the confidence in writing and delivering your wedding speech. This is not a new strategy, but still effective that can help you give the right things to say. Because it is only delivered in a few minutes, the secret key here is to choose the best and right words that you want to say to your bride, to your parents, and to the parents of the bride. As the title stated, the groom speech should be full of love.

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At the start of the love speech of the groom, you should thank the whole audience for attending and supporting your wedding. Each one of them has a great role and contribution in regards to the success of the event. Plus, their presence alone is enough to thank them for, and not for their expensive gifts!

In between the speech, it is alright to have jokes sometimes. Funny words in a form of a joke, quote or story, and anything that is related to the occasion can help you get the attention of the listeners. This is one secret that makes the love speech of the groom more interesting.

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After your message of thanksgiving and introduction, concentrate on the special words that you want your parents and the bride to hear. Remember, the only people you can really mention are the bride, your parents, and the parents-in-law. To make it real and genuine, look them straight to their eyes. This is to let them know that you are very sincere with your words, and that you meant it.

First, acknowledge your wife the moment you come to this part of your speech. She deserves to feel proud, special and important. Once again, this is your celebration and most of the contents of the love speech of the groom is addressed to her. There are still things that people may have not heard and let the bride be reminded of how much she means to you, yesterday, on that day, and forever.

After that, make a special message to your parents and to the parents of the bride. They, too, are very special to your life. You have to give them some credits for being there all throughout. To the parents of the bride, allow them to feel that they did not make any mistake of letting you marry their daughter. Just show them enough that you are happy and you care enough for her.

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In love speech of the groom, there is no need to discuss and enumerate things one by one. You can simply generalize what you need to say, but any important phrase that means a lot should be heard. Never hold back the tears if you are about to cry, because that is just one proof of how sincere and true you are to whatever you are saying in public. In fact, the bride can absolutely find this very romantic.

You may be ready now to make your own groom speech. It only takes a lot of confidence and honesty. You just have to pour out your soft side and do not be scared to show that. Some men may not agree, but this is one thing that makes up a real man.


  1. My first plan was no messing all around when I’d give a speech. It must be a good, memorable and touching moment for me and my bride. Naturally, I didn’t want to have anything funny in it but I had a change of mind when I was convinced from reading this post. It was a great idea – that’s what I thought so I just went for it until the day came in to share my speech. The room was full of people happy, enjoying everything they’re hearing. That’s only what I was anticipating for the moment I wrote down the first word of my groom speech. The last part was all about my bride so there’s still some tears and smiles but overall it’s a great speech I’d share to everyone we care for.


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