How to Pick the Date for Your Wedding

You are currently engaged and lots of butterflies in your stomach, but right now, people start to ask the date of your wedding. Congratulations on your engagement, but when it would be, by the way? You and your fiancé or fiancée may not have thought about that. If so, here are some quick tips that can help you choose the right and perfect wedding date!

What Symbolizes Your Relationship

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You do remember your anniversary date, and perhaps, you may think to tie the knot on the same day. That way, neither of you is going to forget that you need to surprise each other whenever the wedding anniversary is up. If it’s too common to choose the anniversary date, you may like to relive the first time you met, or the first time you really fell in love with each other. Other than significant dates that reflect the foundation of relationship, some couples choose to wed on a day that provides luck, such as the number 7 and 8 on the calendar.

Which Season is Most Suitable

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The weather also has importance to the selection of wedding date. Would you prefer to exchange vows when the sun is its warmest or right before snow time? Engaged couples have to consider the temperature of the month as well. Besides, the theme of your wedding can be helpful to distinguish the right season where you can choose your wedding day.

How Much Can You Afford

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The budget is one thing to keep in mind when choosing a date for your most special day together. Because June is said to be the month of weddings, many venues to book for any days of this month are offered in high prices. Along with that month are August and September. You really have to think twice if you want to get married in one of those months. You may end up paying double than what you thought. Also, there are holidays in the calendar. You may be trying to select a day that falls in one of the national or world’s holiday. It can be expensive to wed at those times, too.

Who Are Going to the Wedding

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Your guests, especially the VIP ones including your parents and entourage members, are absolutely important. When you choose a date for the wedding, ask yourself if the people whom you are going to invite can make it. That is why it is ideal to select a day that does not compromise some common schedules like holidays. If you want each and every attendee is able to come and celebrate with you, choose a date wisely.

Before you can make any decisions further, first finalize the date of your special event. It is important to have a chosen date before you can do other things for the preparation of the occasion. This makes things easier and more flexible, because you are able to have a timeline and arrange everything you need to do and make.


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