Create Your Wedding Website – The Way to Keep Guests Updated

With all the many things to think about and prepare, organizing a wedding is a serious business. It surely requires time, patience and energy. If there is an additional thing you have to concern about, it’s the people whom you are going to invite. They must know when and where is your wedding. But other than that, there are several things that they must bear in mind.

To keep the guests updated, a wedding website is the best solution for the both of you, as it informs them everything they need. This is helpful not only to them, as they can directly ask you questions or give suggestions, but also beneficial to you. If you have web pages that feature your wedding details, you do not have to relay the info from one person to another.

Get a Hosting Service Plan and a Domain

The first step to have your dream wedding website is to get your own domain name and choose a hosting service. Domain is the web address which is usually not free, so you may need to shell out around $10 only, but this is good for a year.

Aside from that, you also have to pay for the hosting service, which may range from $10 to $100, depending on the kind of option you want to choose. Of course, the higher the price, the more and better features are provided.

There is also a free service, which is much better as you do not have to spend a single dime. Just take note that there is a limit in terms of the features and menus.

Design by Yourself or with Professional Help

You do not have to be an Internet savvy to get this project done, or even started. There is a step-by-step option on how to build a wedding website. As a matter of fact, many wedding website hosting provides templates wherein you just have to edit the entire layout and add contents. If you decide to hire someone to create it, just have the necessary means to pay. If you know somebody who has the skill to do so and offers for free, then it’s a much better choice.

It is advisable that you check up some samples of wedding websites from real couples, to have an idea of what you can put to your own site. After which, you may start sketching and listing down the things you want or need. Make sure that you and your future spouse agree on everything.

Regardless of how your website is completed, make sure that you have all the complete and necessary contents. Also, it has to showcase your wedding theme. The following is the list of what you must put on the pages of your wedding website.

1. Greeting and Introduction

The saying “first impression lasts” is applicable on wedding websites. You must be able to wow your guests once they land on your website. So, have some creative photos of you and choose the best, most romantic and most dramatic pictures. In addition, put up some personal messages addressed to everyone, including your personal note to one another and your parents or family.

2. The Basic Wedding Details

The date, time and place of the wedding are the most important details every guest needs to know. You may have sent out the invitation cards already, but in case they lost their copies, they may just visit your wedding website without bothering you. Also, this is a much easier way to inform them if in case you need to change the venue, day or time. As you give the full address of the location, make sure to provide a map and other travel information that can be downloaded or printed out. This is to help your guests find the right place and never get lost, especially if they are new to the area.

3. Contact Information

While your personal phone numbers are very important, any details that your guests can reach you are helpful. In case of emergency or urgency, they have to call or email you. So, leave an email address and a phone number on the website. If you are thinking of privacy, since a website may be viewed by other people you do not know, you can set up a temporary phone number.

4. RSVP Form

Whether you send hard or soft copies of your wedding invitation, if you have a wedding website, an RSVP form is a must. This does not only make your guests respond easier and faster, but also help you keep track of who is coming and who isn’t.

5. Pre-Wedding Parties

You may also like to include event schedules that happen before the big day. The bridal shower, the bachelor and the bachelorette parties are traditionally held, and those invited ones may need to know more about them. Also, the rehearsal dinner is an important gathering that needs to take place a night or a few days before the final event.

6. Photos and Videos

The wedding website is where you can highlight your pre-nuptial weddings. Once the wedding photoshoot is done, you upload it on the site and it is much better if you have a particular page for all pictures, including your old sweet photos and childhood pictures. If you prefer, have a short video clip of you and your fiancé or fiancée, too.

7. Wedding Registry

If you can have a website that features your wedding, why don’t you also add a registry link? Besides, it is a better way to avoid the same and unwanted gifts from your guests if you can give them access to what you need or want. To help them choose and to prevent them from buying the same items, provide as many wedding gifts as you can.

Edit, Manage, and Publish

Once you think you all have the important contents of your wedding website, you may publish it for your guests to see. There is no risk publishing it even if you forget some things, as you can just edit it anytime. You can add more and manage as you wait for THAT day to arrive. If it is ready for viewing, you can share and announce that via email, and through social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Okay, so you have all the things needed to start creating your own wedding website. All you have to do is to begin the work, starting from the first step as mentioned above. This is a fun thing you can do with your bride and groom. It will be worth the time, regardless of how many mistakes you may enter, or little arguments here and there that you may experience. At the end of the day, you would feel more proud of yourself and one another for doing a great and creative job for your wedding (yes, YOUR wedding!).


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