Autumn Wedding Ideas to Fall in Love With

I personally feel that any time is a romantic time to get married. It all depends on the couple tying the knot. The occasion would be perfect regardless of what month or what time of the year, because the strong connection, the love, true romance is there. Having said that, I noticed that a lot of couples choose the fall season for getting married.Image Source : mcgraths

An autumn wedding can be oh so fabulous and there are so many elements from nature that are within your reach to make your big day vibrant and lively. Decorating DIY need not be a problem. Pretty much every you’ll need to decorate the place is right at your fingertips = leaves in various hues, pinecones, twigs, pumpkins, chestnuts, and brightly-colored flowers that are in full bloom in the fall. It shouldn’t be difficult to get creative when you’re surrounded by so many delightful things which is why I came up with this list of ideas for autumn weddings that I’m sure you’ll fall in love with.

Use blooms in season. Leave might be falling and trees are preparing for the coming winter season but there are a lot of gorgeous flowering plants that are in their full bloom this season. For example, Dahlia is one of my favorite flowers because it comes in various shades, shapes, and sizes. The small dahlias makes charming bouttonnieres and the big ones are perfect centerpieces.Image Source : panduadnyana

You might also want to check out the not so common varieties such as the Fall Crocus, Anise Hyssop with
beautiful spikes of lavender and blue, the Japanese Anemone, Colchicum, and Helenium, just to name a few. These blooms are wonderful if you want to come up with stunning but unique floral arrangements. If you’re not familiar with the names, don’t worry. Just visit your local garden or farm to see the flowers in person and take your pick! You can ask the gardener or the florist for their names later.

Go rustic. I love rustic table settings and I think they’re just the thing for garden or outdoor weddings, as well as for themed weddings like the bohemian-inspired wedding. Barks from dead logs or fallen branches can be used as place card holders, cake toppers and other decorations. I see many handmade sellers that offer such creative designs and ideas. Burlap mats over wooden tables, a splattering of colored leaves to celebrate the season, and flowers in vibrant colors. Lanterns, jars, or votive candles can add that special touch to a romantic setting.Image Source : apium

Consider a sleeved-wedding gown. While strapless wedding gowns are a favorite style among brides, you may want to think about wearing a more formal wedding dress. I think a gown with sleeves would be absolutely stunning and it suits the season. The winds can be quite chilly especially if you are thinking of a garden wedding or an outdoor reception, or if the ceremony would take place in the afternoon or early evening. I think tying-the-knot in the fall is also the perfect moment to wear accessories that you don’t get to wear everyday such as the veil and the gloves.

Pumpkin-cake, anyone? Ask your local bakeshop if they offer special cakes to match the season. I have heard of pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and it sounds delicious! Surprise your guests with a not-so-ordinary kind of cake not only in the decoration, but in the taste as well. Of course, I adore chocolate cake and would love to have it anytime of the year and on any occasion. But how about spicing it up a bit by incorporating flavors of the fall?

Make it a fall wedding banquet. Consider feeding guests with comfort-food that matches the season. A hearty squash or pumpkin soup served in carved pumpkins would be delightful. And for the main course? Roasted turkey, chicken or beef would be great matched with vegetables of the season. For dessert, apple pies, biscuits with an assortment of fruit jams and jellies.

These are just some of my autumn-inspired ideas that I wanted to share with you. Do you have something in mind to add to this list? If so, then feel free to share it with everyone and leave a comment.


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