12 Brunch Wedding Ideas

Exchanging vows between an early morning and a lunch time is such a great idea. This does not only make your guests really drool for what you have served on the tables or on their plates, but also give them a reason to love the food. Here are food ideas that you can serve for a beautiful brunch wedding.

1. Mini Pancakes

Ah the delicious traditional breakfast of most Westerners! Instead of the usual size of pancakes, have cute little ones. It may be a lot more interesting to eat if they are shaped in hearts! Just pour maple syrup and add several berries on top as well as the side. Well, it is a wedding occasion, so why not filled with lots of love!

2. Waffles

Like pancakes, waffles are a favorite choice for breakfast. This is also a good food to serve as brunch for a wedding reception. You may fill in a hotdog for a heavier meal. To make it a well balanced meal, add some slices of watermelon, banana, apple, strawberries, and other fruits of your choice on the plate.

3. Muffins

Another great choice of brunch is muffins. This is a scrumptious baked goodie for a special occasion, not only for birthdays but also for weddings! You can choose a blueberry flavored muffin, chocolate or banana. To make them look more enticing, put on icing or fondant. It is also ideal if you put a figurine of a bride and a groom on top.

4. Cinnamon Rolls

Rolls of cinnamon bread are a delight to the eyes and mouth! This is also a very good brunch you may want to have for the big day. Just make sure you do not serve a plain, sweetened bread. It means you have to balance the taste of your visitors by adding some saltiness or sourness on their plates. Therefore, have fruits and roasted nuts or almonds on the side.

5. Sandwich

Loaf bread filled with ham or patty, cheese, leafy vegetable, and slices of cucumber and tomatoes should be on the menu, also. This is a great brunch idea for a special gathering in which family and friends are the main visitors.

6. Mixed Pastries

The parade of delightful pastries can give you an endless choice! This is a very ideal brunch for an event where different types of people come together. Some may like brownies, but others prefer the cupcakes. They may have differences when it comes to the taste, but if you serve them with a lot of choices, everyone would be served right and equally.

7. Classic American Breakfast

A plate full of scrambled eggs, fried bacon or ham, toasted bread and country potatoes is a nice choice, too. It will be a great combo for breakfast and lunch.

8. Egg Benedict

The layer of scrambled egg, ham and cream stuff on a pastry is one other good choice. This can be a formal brunch to serve for your guests that they will surely love. You may add a little slice of smoked salmon or some spinach.

9. Hot Chocolate

Do not forget the drinks, as well. Visitors need something to drink in. For a brunch wedding, it won’t be that difficult to choose beverages. One of them is a delicious hot chocolate stuffed with little marshmallows.

10. Coffee

Who would miss a cup of coffee for breakfast? This is another beverage you have to serve for a brunch wedding. A lot of your guests will surely look for one.

11. Fruit Juice

Orange juice or lemon juice is also a good addition on the table. Something cold and refreshing may be necessary for some visitors.

12. Champagne

The last thing on the menu must be champagne. This is a luxury on any wedding occasion. How can you make a wedding toast if you just serve coffee and hot chocolate?

A wedding, whether it is held during brunch or not, should always be a feast. This means that you prepare and serve more than one type of food. There has to be a lot of choices of what to eat and drink. You have to make your guests really full and satisfied.


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