Foods Ideal for Wedding Parties

After the tears and joyful moments brought by the memorable ceremony, more precious and priceless instances are expected during the reception. That is the time to have some fun celebration with mouth-watering dishes that can satisfy the appetite of the newlyweds, their families, friends and guests.

Wedding is one of the events wherein every family member, relative and friend of the groom and the bride are gathered together to have reunion. So, what is the best way to celebrate this kind of moment than to have some scrumptious foods on the tables?

One of the biggest questions that most engaged couples need to ask themselves is “what kinds of dishes or foods to serve for the big event”. Here are some suggestions and tips on how you can choose the right foods as well as beverages and party favors to serve for the most wonderful day of your life.

Season and Climate of the Wedding DayImage Source : greggoconnell

The simplest way to know the kind of cuisine or dishes to prepare is the season and weather or climate of the day of the wedding. There are some foods that are most served during summer while others are much suitable for winter. Since the summer season refers to warm and sunny weather, the best foods to serve must be something fresh and cold. Some good examples are beef steaks with potato salad with green garnishes or simple smashed potatoes, grilled salmon with puree of any fruits of your choice, chicken fillet with sour and cream sauce plus mixed vegetable salad. Summer and spring usually have the same kind of dishes to prepare. When the wedding happens during fall or winter, have something that can balance the weather of the occasion. There has to be soup as appetizer, sizzling barbecues and freshly made seafood dishes.

Expenses for Foods

The budget will dictate you on what suitable dishes to choose and serve on your wedding. Take not that the number of guests or people attending your reception has a big factor on the food expenses. Not all foods have the same cost because some are expensive and others are just at a normal price. Apart from that, you need to list several dishes on your menu so that they can have a wide selection.

Theme of the OccasionImage Source : russellandlaura

Before listing different dishes that you select and serve to your guests, you have to consider the wedding theme first. Outdoor casual wedding like on the beach or in the garden have some suitable dishes. Enclosed reception party in a restaurant or an expensive suite have other cuisines to select from. In fact, foods are categorized as formal, semi-formal or casual which depends on the presentation, ingredients and taste.

Group of Food Caterers

Once you finish selecting and listing different types of wedding foods, it is time to choose the best local catering service company. Caterers of foods help you serve your chosen dishes without any worries and hassles. Hiring caterers are responsible in buying ingredients, cooking and presenting foods. This can save you some energy and time as you won’t have to worry all the foods and beverages to offer to your wedding attendees.

Everybody knows that planning a wedding is so stressful, but to make plan easier and well organized, prepare in advance with the help of your family and friends. Furthermore, ensure that there are assigned people to prepare and serve foods. You do not have to give that responsibility to anyone who has special participation at the wedding or needs to be one of the witnesses. Plus, everybody needs to be having fun and celebrating with you, so let them enjoy!


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