Unique Ways to Get Married

Wedding is the most prestigious and wonderful event in the life of many couples around the world. This is also what family members and friends are waiting for once the invitations have been sent out, and when date is already set. The question is, have you really been prepared to get married? Have you chosen a location where to tie the knot? If not, then it is possible that you can opt for a unique kind of wedding. Here are some ideas that you may like to choose for your own wedding celebration.

1. Under Water or Scuba Diving Wedding Ceremony

Under the water is one of the adventurous and unique places where you can have your wedding. Taking a wedding ceremony under the water of an ocean or lake is a thrilling option. You may choose to really go under water where there are beautiful corals and a wonderful school of fish, or in one of the underwater hotels, in which you can see some sharks swimming from behind the walls. If you choose this kind of wedding, you know that you can only invite a few people. They might even need to scuba dive or join you under the water for this case.

2. Sky Diving Ceremony

Another strange place where you can say your “I dos” is in the air (yes literally!). Getting married while you are falling from the sky can make you feel so excited. This is certainly a great way to start your marriage together. However, this option needs a lot of support and cooperation. You have to coordinate with an airplane company, a pilot, and the clergyman, who must also sky dive with you. Your guests won’t need to join you in the air, but they can witness from the time you get out of the plane to the moment you land on the ground as newlyweds.

3. Fast Food Restaurant Wedding Ceremony

It may sound crazy or weird, but getting married in a fast food restaurant is such a good idea, too. You do not have to pay for the venue as you won’t rent it. Also, you get to be served food with anything you promptly order. Every stranger who is at the right time and place can be your attendees. Still, you can invite your family members and closest friends, if you want to.

4. Riding-a-Roller-Coaster Wedding Ceremony

For another wild ride of exchanging vows, riding on a roller coaster while the clergyman or priest is conducting ceremony is one option. You can rend the entire roller coaster, so your invited guests will also experience the thrill of the whole occasion. Just be sure that your guests are not afraid on height, and do not have any heart issues to avoid unexpected stroke.

Whether in the sky, under the water, on a roller coaster, or at a local food chain dining place, getting married would be more fun! If your idea of tying the knot is something that is not commonly practiced, one of these four options is a great choice.


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