Proper Arrangement of Plates and Other Dishware on Wedding Tables

Since wedding is a formal gathering, there is etiquette in terms of arranging plates, spoons, forks, knives, and glass. All tableware must be placed at the right spots. Without further ado, let’s learn the proper way to arrange each and every dishware for wedding tables.

Identify the Food Dish

First of all, you have to know the foods to serve at the wedding reception. Would it be a three-course meal? Is it going to be just a single entrée with an appetizer and a dessert? Or do you consider getting out of the box and serve a variety of dishes and desserts? The kinds of foods you serve to all wedding attendees can help you just what to pick in terms of the dishware. As far as standard table etiquette is concerned, dishware varies depending on the food. For instance, tablespoon is a standard soup spoon, and teaspoon is for dessert.

Pick the Right Tools

As mentioned, there is variance when it comes to dishware to use depending on the kind of food to serve. Once you finalize the list of foods for the wedding, the basic next step is to choose or grab the right utensils. This means that each person does not have to use a single plate only paired with one fork and one knife. It is possible to have two or more plates, forks and spoons. To give you an example, let’s assume you select a 3-course meal. There are different forks and plates to use for this. For beverages, there may be a need to have two or three glasses, too – one for the water and another for the wine.

Place the Dishware

The rule of thumb is to place the fork on the left, the knife on the right, and the plate between the fork and knife. In addition, be sure that the knife faces inward toward the plate. If spoons are needed, you place them beside the knife. Have the tablespoon first beside the knife, then the teaspoon. The glasses have to be placed at the upper right part of the plate, or just at the top of the knife and set of forks. The napkin is usually folded and arranged in the plate. Remember this is the standard placement of dishware on a table setting for special or formal occasions. On a wedding event, there is an option to disarrange a few things.

Be Creative

If you like to be non-traditional of arranging dishware, that is a good option on wedding. You may place the napkin on the side covering the set of spoons, forks and knife, instead of folding it into the plate. There is an exemption on how each dishware is arranged, because on a wedding table, it does not only accommodate those items. There is also the nametag of each wedding guest, a card of the food list, favors, souvenirs, and other things. That is the reason why you need to be creative, also.

One last thing to remember is to use the same dishware. They need to match each other, and must complement the theme of the wedding. Take note, the wedding table is useless without the dishware.


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