Add Fun Games and Activities to the Wedding Reception

During the wedding reception, the fun most people are waiting for is where it starts. This is where everybody can enjoy and have a great time. You must be able to entertain your guests as you enjoy each other’s company. It will be surely a blast for everyone. With that said, you must think of the best activities and games that you can have. Here are some of the popular and most fun things to do at the wedding reception.

Wedding Couple Trivia

A question and answer activity is a nice addition to the special occasion. You can have this taken place before or after the meal is served. Your guests can ask you questions that you both have to answer. This is a great way for them to get to know a little deeper about your relationship. To avoid controversy and embarrassment or offence, have your guests write down their questions and put in a box or card, then you pick a few that you want to comfortably and honestly answer.

Another idea is to give questions and ask your guests, including family and friends. They must be able to answer your questions correctly. To make it more fun, provide some freebies they can keep, whenever they give the right or correct answers.

Musical Chairs

This traditional game, usually played during Christmas called as “Trip to Jerusalem”, is a good one to try, also. Yet, this must be played by single people, which include your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You may have the men sit down on each and every chair, and all the girls have to encircle the chairs while the music is on, and they need to sit down once the music stops. Whoever is not given the chance to sit down is out of the game. Then after a round, have the girls take the seat and let the guys do the spin and sit, until a pair (one woman and one man) or two pairs remain as the winners.

Roll the Dice

The rolling of dice is an exciting twist to add to the reception party. Invite some guests who like to join the bride and the groom. Everyone must be in a pair and each couple has to roll the dice. If the couple gets an even number, the newlyweds must kiss, but if it’s an odd number, the pair has to kiss. This must be a fun game for married couples and pairs in a relationship, but can be also a great idea to bring some people who are just friends or don’t really even know each other.

Apple Eating

Another kissing type of game is the eating of apples. One apple for each pair has to be hanged and the couple needs to eat it without the use of their hands, just the mouth. They have to eat it and try to be the first one to finish to be declared as the winners. The newlyweds can join this, too, but everyone who has a partner is invited to play.

Roman Hands and Russian Fingers

This next game is mostly concentrated on the newlyweds. The bride needs to find three items hidden on the body of her groom while she is blindfolded. The best man may help hide those items, and the audience participates by shouting “colder” or “warmer” to give clues if she is nearby the item she has to find. This can be a real fun game where everyone would giggle and chuckle. The best man and the maid of honor can also play this game and beat the time of the bride and the groom.

Wedding Garter and Bouquet Toss

Who would not forget the traditional toss of the bouquet and garter? This one must not be missed, and, in fact, it’s one of the most awaited moments within the reception gathering. So, call all the single gentlemen and ladies to participate. The bride and the groom can follow the usual way of tossing the garter and bouquet, or do something different and unique, or perhaps, more exiting.

For example, instead of the bouquet toss while the bride is turned around, she can have the ladies pass the bouquet while the music is on, and when it stops playing, whoever is holding it is the winner. The men may do the same and whoever gets the garter has to put it on the lucky lady winner’s leg.


Your guests definitely want to receive more than just the souvenirs and party favors. So, if you like some attendees to be happier, you can have a raffle. Each and every attendee of the raffle can have their names written down or let them pick a number each, and whoever is called by name or number is going to win a particular prize. Make sure you give interesting and useful gifts, such as a dining set of plates and glasses, a portable barbecue grill, a bar fridge, etc.


A party is not as fun without the dancing moment. This is the time the guests and the newlyweds can have fun. Have at least 30 minutes of dancing from slow music to pop songs. Those who have the mood, interest and skill to dance will always join and never miss the opportunity.

Scavenger Hunt

This game is for everybody, regardless of age. That means all attendees from adults to young people and children can join. Have the master of ceremonies or the DJ provides a description of items or names of the objects, and the audience has to find it. The first one to bring and show the right item wins a special prize.


Traditionally, a wedding, most particularly at the reception, includes the giving of speeches by the couple, their parents and some close friends or relatives. This is a part of the reception that must be interesting and engaging as well. So, everyone who is entitled or asked to give their own wedding speeches must be unique and eye-catching when doing so.

Music Video

Watching a short video clip of the newlyweds is also a great entertainment for everybody. You may summarize your relationship through music video that is romantic, beautiful and memorable.

Dove Release

The releasing of two doves, one female for the bride and one male for the groom, is also a common and a traditional part of some wedding events. Aside from the slicing of the cake and the drinking of wine or champagne, this must be also included on the list of the reception programme. If the couple wants to use a different kind of animal, it is okay as long as it does not violate animal acts. As a matter of fact, the lighting and releasing of Asian lanterns can be also a good alternative.

These are great things you may add to your wedding reception that everybody would enjoy. If you like the special occasion to be a joyful one for your guests, include other things that are new (even traditional) and fun.


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