Winter Wedding Ideas to Make You Swoon

With the winter season just around the corner, I am pretty sure that there are some couples out there who want to tie the knot this year and are already doing their preparations. In response to the letters I’ve been receiving from our readers asking me for some winter wedding ideas, I have put together this post. Hopefully, you’ll find these ideas helpful as you plan and prepare for your own winter wedding.Image Source : ausnahmezustand

Don’t shiver in your gown. Because it is winter, the wedding day is bound to be cold but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to freeze on your toes and suffer. It’s best to come prepared. Try to look for bridal gowns that are made out of materials which can give your warmth.

The style is also something to consider. While you may want to bare your shoulders, you wouldn’t want to shiver as you say your wedding vows. For a winter wedding, a long-sleeved bridal gown is perfect. However, if you really want to wear an off-shoulder style gown or a strapless dress, consider having a bolero or a matching jacket that you can wear in case you feel a bit cold.

Choose flowers that are in season. Take advantage of the season by choosing flowers that are in full bloom at this time of the year such as Roses, Hydrangeas, Poinsettias, Christmas Roses, Winter Jasmine, Calla Lilies, Crocuses and Amaryllis, just to name a few.Use old Christmas lights for décor.White Christmas lights would be the perfect adornment for the venue. So long as you stay away from the red and green lights, you can be sure that the
occasion would be fit for an elegant wedding and not a Christmas party.

Use votive candles to lighten up and warm up. Votive candles are the perfect accessories on the wedding table especially for winter weddings. Why not! Fight off the coolness of the season with beautiful warm, soft lights.

Play up some music. Winter weddings are usually held indoors which makes it a perfect setting for stringed accompaniment. Consider hiring a string quartet, a violinist or a pianist to serenade your guests during a hearty dinner. You can also set up the dance floor on with a live band playing lively music in the background in-between slow numbers.

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Don’t forget the cocktails. A wedding during a winter month is the perfect time for soothing beverages that warm the heart. Use the internet to look for surprising mixes so you can give your guests a couple of choices to keep warm. However, go easy on the alcohol as you wouldn’t want your guests to become tipsy during the occasion.

Use alternatives for flowers. If using fresh flowers would be too expensive, you can use substitutes that would look just as amazing. For instance, you can carry a bridal bouquet made out of vintage lace, old jewelry, or buttons. These alternatives can also be used for the bridesmaid’s bouquets and the men’s boutonnieres.

Think theme wedding. A fairy-tale themed wedding would be fantastic for a winter wedding. For instance, you may want to rent a carriage and be the princess of the day, instead of riding a regular bridal car. You can also hire an ice-sculptor to create splendid decorations carved out of ice for the wedding banquet.

Go bold with colors. White and silver are the usual colors associated with winter weddings. But just because you’re getting married at this time of the year doesn’t mean you should stay away from bright, bold colors. Why not! Vibrant hues are a great way to brighten up the spirits, despite below-zero temperatures outside. So, if you’re thinking about the motif, consider yellow, orange, royal blue, and red too.


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